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Finding Out WebHostingPad Discounts & Deals

I love a fab deal or discount, especially when it’s more beneficial than you expected. Because let’s be honest, if we can save cash in any way shape or form, we’ll take it. And life has become so expensive of late, or is it just me? I’m only shopping if I know there is some sort of sale going on, or a buy 1 get 1 free kind of vibe. Am I alone on this?

Shops and businesses need this strategy I think to not only keep foot traffic or online clicks ticking over but to entice, woo or ‘schmooze’-as my husband likes to say-new customers and potential clientele.

Brands are constantly evolving, upgrading or bringing out new products, so to reach new and different demographics it’s imperative to have a sparkly sales pitch and more importantly, website.

What is a well-designed website?

When people visit your webpage they should feel welcomed, almost intrigued about what there is on offer and enthusiastic to explore more.

Click here to see some design ideas to help you achieve a look that will work for your brand.

The main thing I’ve noticed that puts my mother off or some older folk is if the overall use and layout are too complicated. Less is more I always say to my kids in the supermarket mostly-but it applies here for sure. Simplicity is going to work far more effectively than a website customers’ end up struggling to navigate.

Color is another huge factor, we all know colors have their own ‘moods’ as it were, so choosing one that won’t put your customer to sleep would be key, and that will make them feel happy, get those endorphins rushing.

The font you use, the images and visuals all go hand in hand and can make or break your brands’ success. A well-designed site is a high point when related to referrals, if it’s not great to find items or services and clients leave feeling frustrated, they’re unlikely to visit again anytime soon never mind recommend you to their friends.

Lastly, being mobile-friendly is most probably a priority when trying to relate to today’s generation. Phones are glued to their hands as they travel, go to school or events, being able to browse while they wait could be all it takes to hook them and have them coming back.

Check out a quick video guide on designing a mobile-friendly website to give you an idea of what criteria to have in place, as well as what not to have, that you might have thought was relevant.

Hiring a company to design your webpage

Before you start hiring or looking to hire you need to have an idea of what you want to achieve, will it be focusing on the look of the site or the usability or simple design and more functional? Be clear of your needs and wants and when hiring the company have these written down to convey them.

Another thing to consider is deadlines, can the project process be completed realistically in the time frame you’re looking at? If not will this affect your trade?

Does the delay clash with any future projects that might be delayed causing an unwanted domino effect? Have your diary to hand with dates and give yourself leeway between events for those ‘incase’ moments.

Take some time to read this blog about factors to consider at the beginning of the venture, some handy advice and perhaps some points you never thought would make a difference. It can be daunting starting fresh, but take your time, do the research and take it one day at a time. 

5 Benefits to bring in a team

  • Unless you have no time limit, a professional company will know what to do, the best way to execute the process and have it done by the deadline you’ve agreed on. It will also ensure your site is reliable with no kinks.
  • You will have better images and design layout, making it more professional looking and it will be faster when optimally laid out.
  • They will set it up to be mobile friendly with social media platform links for even wider coverage.
  • The overall appearance of the site will come across as one that can be trusted, proper links and contact information, the last thing we want is to raise an eyebrow.
  • This might be one of the top objectives, being visible on the first page of results, the team will add in genre-specific keywords to ensure you pop up in searches and creating brand awareness.

All these things sound great no doubt, but at what cost? This is why people try to go the DIY route and are hesitant when it comes to spending money. But as the saying goes, ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ So if you’ve done your homework there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Look for design companies that offer package deals, monthly discounts or a percentage-off link if used through the site. Times are tough, companies know this, so there’s bound to be a deal on the table. You can also view some coupons for them and choose which will best work for you and be the most cost-effective.

Is it so much to ask to want a business and website that is successful? If it means hiring in a company with the expertise in the field and that offer some type of deal, I’m first in line.

Ensure you have great marketing, find out what that ‘technically’ means at this link, but essentially it is the loudspeaker of your brand and service that is going to ‘magnetize’ the clients to your shop and site.

You need to be in the right place at the right time, and reaching the relevant demographics. A good marketing team will be at the forefront of all things new and implement the strategy to your brand in the best option available.

This is your future, make it a good one. We only have one story to tell, keep the readers interested.