Don’t want to be a Victim of Distributed Denial of Service Attack? Explore a Protection Action Plan Here!

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According to researchers, unprecedented cyber attacks were noticed in the year 2016. Over the last 3 years, 2.5 times attacks were witnessed due to the increasing number of high-tech gadgets and rising popularity of Internet of Things.

In the growing environment of cyber groups and criminals, hackers use distributed denial of service to disrupt businesses online.  Therefore investing into DDoS protected VPS hosting or DDoS protected dedicated servers is must in order to protect the business from the attacks.

If you don’t want to be a victim of the attack, investing in outlet dedicated servers is an ideal choice. To know why you need to stay tuned with the article.

So, tighten your seat belts and adhere to the action plan that will help protect your business from the DDoS attack. Here are a few ways of protecting your business from DDoS attack –

Draft an Action Plan

With increased potential DDoS attacks, there is a dire need to protect the website from it. However, this is only possible if one is prepared in advance. Thus creating an action plan in advance is only the optimal way of protecting the business from DDoS attack. The action plan consist of the following terms

  • Switch on the sensors of the website – This will make you alert when the website goes down.
  • Dump the logs – If any malicious activity is noticed, the logs must be put into dumped so that it does not further ruin the website.
  • Buy DDoS protection plans – Contact your ISP to avail the DDoS protection plans. You can either invest in a free or paid version, depending on your investment budget.
  • Configure your DNS TTL – DNS TTL (time-to-live) for systems are at a major risk in the future. You need to configure it in advance in order to protect it from the attack.
  • Create a network topology diagram – Documenting the IT infrastructure and creating a network topology is must in order to protect it from the attacks.

Monitor Traffic Levels

The foremost step that you need to take is monitoring of the website traffic level. The unprecedented amount of traffic to a server is a threat to the online business as hackers attack a website at times when a huge amount of traffic is witnessed so that they can mislead the owner and crash the server.

Therefore, the ideal way to protect the site from DDoS attack is to look out for abnormal traffic coming on the website.

Pay Attention to Connected Devices

Internet of things is making things easy for the people as it is a great medium of conversation both in the workplace and outside. But where on one hand it is bliss for individuals and company, on the other hand, it is also a problem for them.

Wondering, how? Well, the hackers find their way through these connected devices and disrupt their conversation or online business of a brand.

Therefore, keeping an eye on the connected devices help your business protect from the DDoS attack. Also, change the passwords of the devices regularly is must as it will help confuse the hacker, indeed saving your website from the attack.

Ensure there is Extra Bandwidth

The more the bandwidth, the more the time a hacker would take to identify and attack the server. So, the optimal way to safeguard your business from cyber attacks is to provide an extra bandwidth to your business.

Purchase a Reliable Dedicated Server

Purchasing reliable dedicated servers of the different brands is an optimal way to protect your website from DDoS attack. The dedicated hosting server provides more bandwidth, security, and ability to use countless resources that help in running a website successfully despite thousands of customers coming to the website.

Educate Your Customers on Security

Staying informed about the malicious activities always help protect the business from the attacks. Not only the employees should stay informed about this aspect, but the customers should also be made aware of it. After all, an informed customer walks hand-in-hand with the business and tries to protect it from the DDoS attack.

Therefore, explaining the customers about the attacks and making them understand the importance of safeguarding their system helps reduce the potential attacks. A few things that you need to educate include –

  • Strong password for a computer
  • Skipping any attachments receiving from unknown email addresses
  • Best practices to secure the device

Build A Secured VPS System

Hosting plans are available in variant plans. Some are low while some are high. Choosing the best hosting plan is must if you want to protect your website from the DDoS attack.

A secured VPS comprise of a good hosting plan which has its own space, unique IP address and operating system. This helps protect the website from cyber attacks. So, if you have invested your money in creating a good website, you must also invest in a DDoS secured VPS hosting plan. It will take away your headache of protecting your website from the attacks.

Drop Packets from Suspicious IPs

To prevent malicious activities of the hackers, you can instruct the router to drop packets from IPs, which has an increased threat to attack. This will help restrict the attacks and safeguard your business online.

Invest in a Dedicated Server

Another source of protecting the website from malicious activities is purchasing a dedicated hosting server. This step of purchasing provides a defense to your website thus protecting it from the malicious activities. The increased bandwidth, control over security, and countless resources provide an ability to run a site with thousands of legitimate customers.

Though dedicated servers are expensive, yet the investment is worth as it provides various benefits that help in DDoS protection. Doing so not only help protect the site from the attack but also gives an entrepreneur a room to focus on other important business aspects.

Block Spoofed IP Addresses

Spoofing is a method of presenting wrong facts in a lucrative way that entices the attention of the user. This is a very common strategy of DDoS attack. Therefore, blocking the spoofed IP address is must in order to protect the site from the malicious attacks. Here are a few steps that need to adhere –

  • Build access control list – It helps in denying the inbound traffic from coming to the website.
  • Use reverse path forwarding – It helps in reducing the spamming of the website.
  • Filter traffic – Both inbound and outbound traffic must be filtered in order to improve the DDoS protection of the website.
  • Change the configuration of switches and routers – It helps in rejecting unknown packets coming from the network thus helping it protect against the attacks.

Install Security Updates

Installing updates is must in order to protect it from potential threats. The website needs to be installed with security updates that will help mitigate the risk and the attack loophole is filled with an update. Therefore, timely inspection of the system is must in order to keep it protected. Make sure you have updated your system with necessary security updates.

This is often neglected by many businesses, which makes them face serious consequences. So, if you do not be a one among them, make sure to install security updates on your website.

Make Use of Proxy Protection

Proxy protection is another way of protecting the website from cyber threats. This helps hide the real IP from the hackers thus making them fool and make them confused. Proxy traffic is sent through mitigation network which does not allow the hacker to determine the real IP address. Consequently, it helps protect the site and increase its performance thus allowing the businesses to create a good impact in the online world.

Set Up RST Cookies

It is another strong method of protecting the site from the attack. The server sends incorrect ACK + SYN to the client, which is again sent back by the client to the server saying it is a potential error. All in all, it helps prevents the business from potential attack.

Follow Remote Black Holing

UDP traffic is often noticed at the sites, which is a threat to a website. Eliminating of the threat coming from the UDP traffic is only possible by filtering it with remote blackholing. It helps protect the site from undesirable traffic. The remote black holes divert the traffic to other areas and then drop it. Following are the steps that are taken into consideration for doing this process –

  • Prepare a null route
  • Prepare a route map
  • Generate a victim route on the management router

So, these are a few ways of protecting your website from DDoS attack and the optimal one is investing your money in dedicated server DDoS protection. Create an action plan for your business in advance in order to protect it from the hackers. Make sure you adhere to each of these points as all these play a key role in protecting a site from malicious activities.

Think wise and take correct measures to protect your site from malicious activities!

Good luck!