Hosting A Website – What Do You Need To Know?

Web Hosting
Hosting a website for the first time and looking for a web hosting service but no idea where to start. Here is everything you need to know before you buy web hosting services.
Web hosting is the kind of service provided for representing your online presence on the Web. The hosting company owns a server and gives you web space for placing your website there on certain conditions. What you need to know if you decide to host your website is that this kind of service implies different types with variety of options embodied in each of them.
If you want to host your website you should know that there are two main type of web hosting service. Choosing between free and paid web hosting will be your first task. Making your choice you should take into account your own purposes and demands. If you do not require some special features from your website and want to create just ordinary personal web page than free host may be quite enough. It doesn’t provide you with own domain name, has a lot of file and traffic limitations and also doesn’t grant its users with FTP access which is very important for uploading files.
Free web hosting also has no e-mail option and gives no possibility to control your account yourself and your hosting provider may change its terms and conditions anytime without prior notion. You should also mind that free hosts contain advertisements which will appear as banners or popping-up windows each time your page loads. The only advantage of free web hosting is that it is free of charge and if you are not interested in the features listed above you may subscribe for it without hesitation.

But you should also know that there is a possibility to sign up for paid web hosting service which in its turn divides in several types. The main features of paid web hosting is that it grants you with independent control of your account, FTP and CGI bin access, has high up-time guarantee and is provided with a number of necessary tools and facilities for customizing your source.

Paid hosting service is also known by its helpful support which you receive in case of some problems concerning your website administrating. But each type of paid hosting has its own pros and cons so you are to study them thoroughly before making a decision. There are shared, dedicated, managed and reseller paid web hosting types.

Shared web hosting means that you won’t be the only one to store your data on the server but will share it with other customers. This kind of service is quite affordable but may appear unreliable as the activity of one user may influence the others. Thus you may not be sure your website will work properly all the time. Being the opposite of shared web hosting dedicated server is made for an individual work. It gives you full control of your account and you are responsible for your website setup. Of course it is more expensive than shared web hosting but it gives you more facilities and also increases your website security. The only obstacle is that you should have some special knowledge to cope with your account administration. Your hosting provider will grant you with support concerning only software updates but won’t help you with set up.

Still you should know that there is another solution for those who finds it very difficult to administrate website because of skills or experience lack. Managed web hosting provides some additional tools and applications that will ease your account management. But very often it requires high expenses because you are to pay for some extra support concerning customization or setup if you can’t accomplish it on your own.

If you decide to start up some kind of your own hosting business you may subscribe to reseller hosting. This type implies the right to resell the server space to other webmasters. The terms of reselling are set by the very hosting company so you need to check each provider’s condition. The amount of fees and server space you are allowed to sell may vary. It will be also useful for you to know that there exist another type of web hosting called co-location. It means that you can receive hosting service for the server from the company which doesn’t own it. You are provided with all necessary features and tools and can manage your account according to your own requirements but mind that co-location is quite an expensive service.

Before choosing a hosting provider for your website you need to check its reputation and responsibility. This may be achieved with the help of customers’ feedback and opinions. Reliability factor also includes company’s up-time guarantee that shows whether its servers run properly and should be minimum 99%. The level of customer support is also very important as you must be sure that you will get all necessary help timely and properly in the process of working.

So be attentive with your choice and try to select the most appropriate web hosting for your work.