Best Web Hosting For Blogs

As the new year 2020 has just started, a lot of people started searching for best web hosting for blogs, and if you’re one of those, you’ve visited the right website. In this article we’ve mentioned top web hosting recommendations for blogs.

With the rise of the internet there has been a huge rise in people interacting and expressing their views on the web. This not only helps spread knowledge and experiences but also helps in networking with people from all over the world over topics and issues common the parties. A lot of people have started and maintained successful blogs that have gone to become one of the most popular method of writing on the web. Along with social networks and groups that focus on gathering like minded people, blogs have become one of the major ways to publish oneself and gain recognition in every possible field of study known to mankind.

best web hosting for blogs

To create a successful blog, users need to take care of a number of things along with their quality of writing and the design of their content. It should be perfectly readable by people and should be accessible to one and all. Along with the necessary features that you may require in your blog, you also need to have enough bandwidth and space to store content and serve the content to your end users. A number of web hosting companies provide specialized hosting for blogs. You can also get a free blog from major blog providers like BlogSpot and Tumblr or wordpress.

But having a free blog only allows you to have a subdomain attached to the primary domain of that blog provider. You also have number of constraints like limited disk space and limited bandwidth for your customers. Moreover you cannot modify the prebuilt designs provided by the hosting companies. These restrictions are more than enough to repel you from the traditional blog providers if you are a fan of customization, resources and more power over your blog. So I here I review the top 3 hosting providers for blogs and focus on how they are different from each other in terms of services they provide and the features included in them. Read on to find out the best blog hosting company

Top 3 Blog Hosting Services

Bluehost (Click To Visit Bluehost)

Bluehost Hosting For Blogs

An already established hosting provider that deals with all kinds of hosting, also provides excellent services for hosting powerful blogs of any kind. Apart from its traditional shared hosting accounts Bluehost also provides powerful managed wordpress hosting for bloggers optimized with the latest hardware and is full of features. Unlike most hosting platforms, Bluehost provides VPS grade hosting plans for customers ranging from beginners to expert ones who like get millions of unique visits to their blogs every day. The plans are divided into 4 sections depending on the amount of resources required:

  1. Blogger: The blogger plan is ideal for users who are new to blogging and want a powerful server that can handle all their requirements. Priced at $12.49 for the first month and $24.99 for the subsequent months, this is one of the powerful beginner plans in the whole industry. It comes with 30GB storage and 2GB RAM that can handle up to 100 million visitors. You can host up to 5 wordpress websites on the server and still maintain the necessary performance for each of them. You also get a 30GB backup option so that you can revert back to any point of server configuration you like. Along with its enhanced cPanel and SiteLock CDN and security this is one of the best beginner plans for any wordpress related task. Moreover you can also upgrade to higher plans if your visitors grow more than the 100 million cap.
  2. Professional: ideal for established bloggers, this comes with even more power and resources that would be necessary for bloggers who already have a client base. It support up to 300 million visitors per month and you get 60GB storage alongside a 4GB RAM. You can host up to 10 wordpress websites on the server and are allowed access to Site Backup Pro features that can automate most of your backup related tasks. It is priced at $37.50 for the first month and $74 for the subsequent ones.
  3. Business: Allowing a visitor count up to 600 million, this is the next step in powerful wordpress hosting. You get 120GB storage with 120GB backup powered by a 6GB RAM. It allows you to host up to 20 wordpress websites and comes at a cost of $60 for the first month and $119 for subsequent ones. You also get a positive SSL for the website that could be ideal for hosting any ecommerce stores on your website.
  4. Enterprise: The ultimate WordPress hosting provided by Bluehost comes at $85 for the first month and $169 for the remaining months. It provides 240 GB hard disk and backup option with 8GB RAM and the allowance to host up to 30 wordpress websites.

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Godaddy (Click To Visit Godaddy)

godaddy managed wordpress hosting for blogs

Like always, Godaddy shines with its cheap but feature rich plans that are targeted towards beginners instead of high end customers. Therefore all their managed hosting plans are cheaper than most wordpress hosting companies. However they also lack some significant number of features that those high end wordpress hosting companies provide. So Godaddy is ideal for people just starting with their hosting blogs and want to spend less than usual. Beginner bloggers can benefit a great deal out of this as they won’t have to worry about spending more than they make. This would also allow them to upgrade to higher plans as they form a revenue model around their blogs. Once they have a significant followership they can focus on upgrading or even migrating to more professional wordpress hosting companies. The plans provided by Godaddy are:

  1. Basic: Priced at only $3.99 per month the plan comes with 10GB SSD storage and allows up to 25,000 visitors per month. It also provides SFTP access and is enough for beginners who want to start with a hosting plan in their budget. It can accommodate only one website but the 10 GB storage should be more than enough to host any kind of website a person wants.
  2. Deluxe: A bit more powerful than the Basic plan, it is priced at $5.99 month and allows upto 15,000 visitors. It also comes with easy to build one click staging website that can also be access through SFTP or SSH. It is ideal for beginner developers who want to brush up with their skills and still want a great blog on the side. You also get a seo plugin but are only allowed to host one website in your account.
  3. Ultimate: This provides all the features of Deluxe hosting while providing twice the disk space and twice the number of visitor allowance. Priced at $8.99 per month, this plan comes with 30GB storage and 50000 visitor allowance. You also get a SSL certificate for the first year along with malware removal apps for securing your website. Moreover, it allows you to host upto 2 websites and limits visitors at 400,000.
  4. Developer: Meant for hard-core developers, it is the most advanced plan for wordpress users. Priced at $14.99 per month this plan comes with 50GB SD storage and allows you to host upto 5 websites that can handle upto 800,000 visitors in a month. You also get all the features of the ultimate plan like SSL and SSH/SFTP access.

Godaddy is meant for absolute beginners and therefore all its plans are geared towards providing the best services for non-technical and beginner users. So if it’s your first time hosting a website, definitely go with Godaddy and you won’t find it difficult to manage your website. It also has extensive documentation to help you.

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WP Engine managed hosting for blogs

One of the premier web hosting companies for wordpress websites, WpEngine has established itself as one of the top web hosting companies when it comes to deploying wordpress websites. They are popular for their high performing servers and extensive resources that is ideal for most experienced and established bloggers. Their company has expanded over the years due to the rise of wordpress and their innovative technology along with excellent customer support has set them apart from most of their competitors. Their prices are also competitive to major wordpress hosting companies and comes with excellent support and features for beginners. Let’s look at the plans they offer:

  1. Personal: Priced at $29 per month, this plan comes with 10GB storage and unlimited data transfer that can sustain up to 25k visitors per month. However you can only host a single website on plan
  2. Professional: More powerful than the personal plan, this comes with 20GB storage and 100K visitors where you can install up to 10 wordpress websites. It can also handle up to 100k visitors. It is priced at $99 per month.
  3. Business: Meant for power users, this plan comes with 30GB storage and allows you to install more than 25 wordpress websites. It can also handle up to 400K visitors. Its priced at $249 per month
  4. Premium and Enterprise: Meant for higher usage in organizations or even for customized wordpress installs, these plans are not meant for beginners. Therefore the plans are custom made as per requirements. You will have to contact WpEngine customer service with your required configuration to get a custom quote.

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Final Recommendation

From what we see above, Godaddy is meant for beginners while BlueHost and WpEngine are meant for power users. Therefore if you are beginning your journey into the blogging universe, start with Godaddy and then move on to BlueHost. If you need more power than what is offered, you can move to WpEngine. You can also opt for wpEngine in place of BlueHost only if you are growing faster and expect to get consistent traffic in the foreseeable future. Migrating between them is not at all hard as all of them provide migration services prices competitively with the market.