Free Dedicated Server Hosting

free dedicated server hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting not only gives you speed and better up time but it also gives you total control on your server. There are a variety of dedicated server hosting providers available on the internet but finding the right hosting provider is a cumbersome task, especially when you’re searching for Free Dedicated Server Hosting. In this article, we’ll try to cover some of the best options available on the internet from where you could get a Free Dedicated Server, and sometimes no credit card required to get them. So keep reading this article carefully and enjoy your Free Dedicated Server Hosting.

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#1 Verio.Com

verio free dedicated server

Verio is an NTT communication company. It is a renowned web hosting brand in the United States. Verio is a leader in providing web hosting, application hosting and SaaS applications to SMBs. The company was incorporate in 1996 and in the year 2000 it has been acquired by NTT.

Under the current promo offer running on, the company is offering 1 month FREE Dedicated Linux Hosting. One Month Free offer is available for the first month of service for new or existing customers and partners. Customer who chooses automatic credit card payments is only eligible for this offer. If Customer elects to pay for a full year of service in advance, Customer will receive a credit for the first month after the first full month of service. If a customer cancels or gets the suspension before the end of the first month, Customer forfeits the month free. You can get more details about Verio free dedicated server offer by visiting this page.

#2 ServerPronto.Com

ServerPronto Free Dedicated Server

ServerPronto is known for its affordable web hosting services. The company offer Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers & Managed Hosting services. The company is into the web hosting business since past 13 years and has provisioned more than 10000 servers. The company owns its data center in the USA.

Currently, the company is running a promotional offer and offering $100 credit for your dedicated server when you migrate to ServerPronto from other hosting company. The $100 credit can be used to renew your server. Customer who wants to avail this offer needs to enter the promo code “SP2K14MP” on order review page. You’ll get the $100 credit once you pay the initial invoice. To know more about this offer visit ServerPronto website.

#3 OVH.Com

ovh free dedicated server

OVH is another most popular and trusted name in web hosting industry. The company hosting 170,000 servers, 17 Data Centers, and hosting over 17 million web applications. It has a client base of 7,00,000 clients around the globe and it is the #1 web hosting provider in Europe and France.

Currently, the company is running few promotional offers. You may get up to 3 months free dedicated server hosting from OVH. To know more keep reading this article.

Promo 1: “Loyalty Bonus”

After renting your server for 12 months, you get 1-month free dedicated server hosting when you renew your services for 6 months and you get 3 months free dedicated server hosting when you renew your services for 12 months.

Promo 2: “1 Week Trial Pack”

If you’re not sure about OVH services or you’re looking for a dedicated server for a very short period of time, you can subscribe to OVH 1 week trial pack for just $49. This is a unique kind of deal OVH offers to its clients. No other popular hosting provider gives you 1-week trial on dedicated server hosting on that cheap pricing.

To know more about the deals, visit OVH Website

#4 ReliableSite.Net

Here is another site that we have come across very recently that is offering a 7-days free trial for their dedicated server hosting. You can try their services for 7-days before you actually purchase a server from them. There is no credit card required to get the free trial. There is also no obligation to renew if you aren’t completely satisfied.

To prevent abuse, the Port 25 will be blocked during the trial.

To know more about the trail promo, visit website.

What Do You Look For In A Dedicated Server?

Control Panel

Dedicated Server gives you total control on your web hosting server, it is then important that you should check what kind of control panel your web hosting provider is offering along with your dedicated server. Most of the top notch dedicated hosting providers gives you customized control panels, which could make your life much easier.

Up Time

All of the hosting providers commit to offering at least 99.95% up time but in reality, most of them manage to give you even 98% up time. Dedicated Servers are used to host mission critical applications and thus it becomes very important to choose a hosting provider which stands on their words and provides you 99.95% or even more up time.

 Customer Support

Although you get the full control of your web hosting server but still it becomes very important to check for the customer support. Must see if the hosting provider you’re considering, provides you 24*7 email/chat/phone/twitter support. You may get resolve any of the problems you face on your server but the network related issues can only be handled by the customer support people.


Price is another factor you should consider while buying a dedicated server hosting. The dedicated server hosting pricing varies host to host. Some hosting provider charges you a premium for the same kind of server, you should find a hosting provider which is good, and provide you high-quality server at an affordable price.

I hope you must have enjoyed our article on Free Dedicated Server Hosting. If you’ve any query on this feel free to contact us using our contact us form available on our website or subscribe to our blog by entering you email ID in the box available in the bottom right. Happy Hosting 🙂