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managed wordpress hosting

2020’s Best Managed WordPress Hosting Options: Are you a WordPress expert having lots of visitors on your website and looking for an advanced managed WordPress hosting solution or a WordPress beginner who is just starting up and came across the term Managed WordPress Hosting and just getting curious what Managed WordPress Hosting is all about.

During your research you may have noticed that the prices of Fully Managed WordPress Hosting are quite higher compare to the prices of normal shared hosting solutions. The difference in price is because the Managed WordPress Hosting comes with many advanced manageability features which shared hosting doesn’t offer. Well frankly speaking if you’re just a beginner who is just starting up with a new website, Managed WordPress Hosting might be not the right solution for you. Being a beginner you may go with Godaddy’s Shared Hosting which will cost you as low as $1/month (Click To check Godaddy’s deal). If you’re an advanced user you can read this complete post know more about the advanced wordpress hosting options available in the market and which solution you should go for.

Being an advanced user of WordPress, you’ve to admit that it is not easy to manage a high traffic website. You’ve to manage lots of things other than producing regular high quality content. You might have noticed that every month a decent amount of your time goes into managing your website’s backup, handling security issues, or optimizing its speed, which is not your primary work. Here comes the requirement of a hosting solution which can manage all of these tasks for you so that you can focus on you primary work i.e producing high quality content for your visitors.

One of the best part I personally like in Managed WordPress Hosting is, you get an expert support. Unlike normal shared hosting in which the support executive gives you a solution based on reading a knowledge bank, a WordPress Hosting expert takes your call and guide you properly for every of your query in a very professional manner.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service Providers 2020


wpengine managed wodpress hosting

As the name suggest, WpEngine is a premium WordPress Hosting provider.They offer one of the best Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. Some of the best brands in the World like AMD, HTC, Buffer, MaxCDN,  SoundCloud, FourSquare trust WpEngine for their WordPress hosting needs.

You may find the prices of WpEngine Managed WordPress Hosting a bit higher compare to the competition but believe me they worth it. The customer support you get is unmatched in the WordPress Hosting industry. With WpEngine, your website loads fast and you feel more secure as they have implemented some of the best security features to prevent your website from hackers and bots.

Some of the best features that WpEngine offers are as follows:

  • Git Version Control: If you’re a developer and want end to end version control then WpEngine is the right option for you. WP Engine is the only Managed WordPress Hosting Platform with Git for version control fully integrated with WordPress.
  • BackUp & One Click Restore: With backup & one click restore functionality offered by WpEngine you can take a snapshot of your website anytime and can restore it with a single click if required. This feature helps you test new plugins, install new updates and much more without any fear.
  • One Click Staging Area: You can easily create a development environment within your account with one click and can test out new features, plugins, updates and if you find them OK, you can publish them.
  • Enterprise Architecture: WpEngine use the same architecture for every of its customer. It doesn’t matter which plan you buy, your services will be hosted with the same Enterprise Architecture.
  • Pre-Enabled CDN:  Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps improve your website performance and helps it load equally fast from any part of the World. WpEngine is partnered with CDN network to ensure your website loads fast and your customer gets the best possible experience.
  • No More Need to Install Catching Plugin:  With WpEngine you need not to install any catching plugin as WpEngine use their proprietary EverCatch technology, which manage caching for you, including page-caching, database caching and object-caching.
  • Multi-Location Data Centers: Unlike most of the hosting providers who has their data centers only in United States, WpEngine gives you multiple data center locations. Apart from US, WpEngine also has their data center in UK & Japan.
  • Malware Scanning: Now never let your website hacked by hackers. WpEngine automatically scans for, and fix hacking attempts on your website. WpEngine guys fix your site for free if I got hacked.
  • 100% focused and dedicated to WordPress Customer Support: Being a WordPress centric web hosting company, WpEngine has some of the best WordPress hosting support staff. You get the best support experience every time you contact WpEngine.

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godaddy managed wordpress hosting

Godaady is World’s largest domain name registrar and know for its affordable services. The company offer one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosting i.e only $1 per month. If you’re just starting up, you can don’t want to pay premium prices for managed hosting but still wants all the features of Managed WordPress Hosting, Godaddy is the best option for you. Some of the best features of Godaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting are as follows:

  • Free Domain Name: Godaddy offers one free domain name with every Managed Hosting plan with 12 years subscription. This is the best thing you can get with that mush affordable web hosting.
  • $1 Per Month Offer Price: To attract new customers and encouraging them to try Godaddy’s Web Hosting services, Godaddy is offering their Managed WordPress Hosting services as low as $1 per month that too with a free domain name. The discount offer is only available when you buy their hosting for minimum 12 months period.
  • 1 Click Migration Tool: If you’re migrating from any other host, you can do this easily with Godaddy’s 1 click migration tool which comes free with your hosting plan.
  • Nightly Backups: Like all other premium managed hosting providers, Godaddy also takes nightly backups of your website so that your data can be secure.
  • Automatic WordPress Core Updates: Like other Managed WordPress Hosting providers, Godaddy also automatically update WordPress Core as an when an update make available by the WordPress team.
  • Temporary website address: If you just don’t want to publish your website on your own domain name until it gets completed, you can host it on a temporary website address. You can publish the changes once you’re done.
  • Multi-language dashboard: Godaddy offer its web hosting dashboard in different languages i.e English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Premium WordPress Hosting Platform: Godaddy offer its managed WordPress hosting on a premium WordPress hosting platform that it has developed specially for WordPress to optimize the speed, reliability and security of your site.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting – $1 Per Month


bluehost managed wordpress hosting

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting company which was started in 1996 as per their wikipedia page. The hosting company is very popular among WordPress community and itself recommends Bluehost to host WordPress powered websites. Unlike other Managed WordPress Hosting providers which offer their WordPress Hosting on shared platform, Bluehost offer them on VPS platform which they’ve optimized for WordPress. Some of the features of Bluehost hosting are as follows:

  • Built on VPS technology: This is one of the most highlighted feature of Bluehost Managed WordPress hosting as almost all other Managed Hosting providers offers their Managed WordPress hosting on shared platform and sell a separate VPS plan at a higher cost to their customer.
  • Anytime Money Back: Bluehost gives you anytime money back guarantee on their web hosting services. If you cancel your subscription in first 15 days, Bluehost refund your 100% money back and after that they refund your money on pro-rata basis.
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address: With Bluehost you need not to share your IP address with anyone else. You get 1 dedicated IP address which you can use to host your websites.
  • Enhanced cPanel: cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting panel available today. Bluehost has made some changes into the panel to enhance user experience. With Bluehost Managed Hosting for WordPress, you get an Enhanced cPanel.
  • Expert Support: Bluehost has a team of dedicated team of Bluehost-trained WordPress experts who gives support on their Managed WordPress Hosting services.
  • Extremely Fast: VPS Platform, Advanced NGINX architecture, Custom PHP-FPM configuration, & Integrated caching by W3 makes Bluehost managed hosting for WordPress super fast.
  • Dynamic Upgrades: You can upgrade your plan dynamically anytime in one click. Bluehost gives you the power to Instantly add more CPU, RAM, and SAN storage as needed in just a click.

Bluehost  Wordpress Hosting


Managed WordPress Hosting for Enterprise

PageLy is World’s top Managed WordPress Hosting brand for Enterprises.  Some of the World’s largest brands trust PageLy to host their WordPress applications. Some of PageLy enterprise customers are: Microsoft, Twitter, Disney, Facebook, eBay, Columbia University, SendGrid etc.

PageLy is a security focused WordPress Hosting provider and use Amazon Cloud to offer you best-in-class enterprise level WordPress Hosting services. The company has web hosting plans for everyone. Blogger, Developers and Enterprise users, all can take a plan from PageLy. The starter plan starts from $24 per month.

Some of the best features of PageLy Managed WordPress Hosting are as follows:

  • Powered By Amazon: Amazon Cloud known to be one of the most trusted Cloud network in the World. PageLy is one of the Amazon’s advanced technology partner and use Amazon cloud for their hosting services.
  • Developers Tools: PageLy web hosting comes with a variety of developers tool. Some of the tools are Git support, Multiple SSH Accounts, REST API, Full Access to both Access & Error Logs. SSH, GIT, Staging, WP-CLI is only available for VPS users.
  • Extremely Fast: Custom NGINX Hyper-Proxies, HHVM Support, and global PressCACHE & PressCDN content acceleration makes PageLy web hosting faster than any other enterprise level WordPress hosting service.
  • Proprietary PressARMOR For better Security: PageLy gives your website the best security with its Proprietary PressARMOR technology. The technology perform real time Malware scanning and provides ZERO day code patching in case of Malware attack.
  • Multiple Data Center Choices: With PageLy VPS, you can choose any of the 7 Global data center PageLy own. Their are multiple up scale options are also available.
  • No Overage Charges: Unlike many other web hosting service providers who charge you for extra resources consumed by your website, PageLy never charge you an overage fee.
  • 30 days Risk Free Trial: If you’re not sure if PageLy is the right hosting company to host your WordPress website, you can try their services for 30 days without any charges. If you cancel your service within 30 days time, PageLy refund your 100% money back.
  • Automatic Backups: Like all other Managed WordPress hosting providers, PageLy also takes automatic backups of your site. PageLy retains last 14 days data.
  • Built in Redundancy: The Built in Redundancy feature of PageLy prevents any time of downtime your site may face due to any type of failure.


Kinsta managed wordpress hosting

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider. They are entirely powered by Google Cloud Platform, they’re different from other shared, VPS or dedicated hosts, as each WordPress site is hosted in its own isolated container. Their hosting solutions are available for a wide variety of users (bloggers, SMBs, high traffic sites), with their plans starting from $30. They take site security and site speed very seriously. Their 24/7 support team consists of experienced and knowledgeable WP experts.
  • Security and backup: you don’t need to worry about the security of your site at Kinsta. They provide 1440 daily uptime checks on each site. All plans include free hack fix and free SSL.
  • Custom site management platform: Designed and built up based on their clients’ needs, Kinsta provides a custom-built dashboard. MyKinsta allows you to track visitor analytics and billing information, get an overview of all sites hosted and a summary of resource usage, also you’re able to choose your data center location from all 16 available.
  • Speed obsessive architecture: Using the latest technology like Nginx, PHP 7, Maria DB and LXD containers, you don’t need to worry about load time anymore. They guarantee the blazing fast speed of your site.
  • White-glove migrations: Kinsta’s Pro and higher plans include free site migrations. Their team of experts handles the migrations for you, guaranteeing that no downtime will occur during the process.
  • Excellent support: They offer 24/7 support 365 days a year. The support team working around the clock, moving between shifts got your back, replying fast and starting troubleshooting ASAP.


mediatemple managed wordpress hosting

MediaTemple is a 16 years old web hosting company known for its Managed Hosting services. The company was established in 1998 with a mission to help web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs, and innovators bring their ideas to life online. Currently the company has a customer base of 1,25,000 people and businesses and proudly powering 1.5 million websites. The company has bagged many awards including INC’s fastest growing company in North America and Best place to work in Los Angeles award.

The company own two Tier 3+ data centers, meaning at least 99.999% network uptime guaranteed. Both of the Data Centers are connected with redundant, low-latency private fiber connection and are backed with HP-Certified technical professionals.

Some of the World’s biggest brands i.e Adobe, Samsung, jQuery trust MediaTemple to host their applications and websites.

The Managed WordPress Hosting offered by MediaTemple is called Premium WordPress Hosting and offers the following features:

  •  Truly Optimized For WordPress: The Managed WordPress Hosting offered by MediaTemple is 100% optimized for WordPress, that means your WordPress website will run smooth, lag-free with 99.999% uptime.
  • All-In-One Control Panel:You get a single control panel for your account and websites, that means you need not to Login in multiple places to manage your website, billing & support.
  • Automatic WordPress Core Updates: With MediaTemple you need not to worry about the new WordPress releases. Your WordPress Core updates automatically every time a new updates comes in.
  • 1-Click Install: You need not to be an expert to install WordPress, With MediaTemple, installing WordPress is just a click away.
  • Plenty of Resources: MediaTemple hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth and 20 GB of SSD storage. You can host up to 3 domains in basic pack and can add more domains if required after paying a small fee.
  • 1000 Free Business Class Emails: The premium WordPress Hosting offered by MediaTemple comes with 1000 business class email accounts. The all-in-one email system  includes calendars, contacts, and full IMAP support.
  • 24*7 Certified Support: The premium hosting by MediaTemple comes with premium support. All support technicians goes through a rigorous WordPress certification program before they start giving support to actual customers. This ensures that you receive the best support every time you chat,tweet or call MediaTemple for a help.
  • Powered with Powerful Tools: The MediaTemple WordPress hosting comes with many powerful tools e.g one-click staging, site cloning, SSH access, GIT integration, and more.
  • 30 Days of Backup Snapshots with One-click Restore: Backups are crucial and MediaTemple knows that. You get 30 days snapshots of your hosting account that you can restore with one click with MediaTemple.

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Considering the popularity of WordPress CMS, some of the hosting providers specialized themselves in WordPress and come up with a hosting solution specially designed for WordPress known as Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized web hosting service in which all the technical aspects of running WordPress CMS is managed by the web hosting provider.

These could be anything between Speed, Security, Up Time, Scalability, Backups, WordPress Updates.

The basic idea behind offering such advanced hosting solution for WordPress is to give a complete hassle-free experience so that you can focus more on your website usability and less on manageability.

When you run a big website, one of the major problem you face with shared hosting is “The Backups”. Most of the hosting providers don’t take regular backup of your website and your data is always at risk. With the managed hosting solution specially designed for WordPress, hosting companies do take daily backups and that makes your website data more secure.

Managed WordPress Hosting providers also tweak their servers in such a way that your WordPress website could run at the maximum speed. The major issue big or heavy traffic websites face is “The Speed”. With the managed hosting solution this problem got sort out.

You also get a better up-time compare to normal shared hosting solution. Big businesses may lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if their website goes down for even several minutes. With this advanced WordPress hosting solution you get almost 100% Up-Time.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Although the features of Managed WordPress Hosting looks very catchy but you still need to judge if you really need this. As I mentioned earlier in this post that this hosting service is not for everyone, people who has an established blog or website running on WordPress only requires this.

Let’s have a look at some of the Pros & Cons of this web hosting service.

Let’s List The Advantages First

  • Speed: Web Hosting companies who offer Managed WordPress Hosting services configure and optimized their servers in such a way that any website whether big or small gets blazing fast speed despite of the traffic volume it receive every day. That means websites with heavy traffic also gets a very good speed when run on these servers.
  • Backups With Restore Points: Unlike normal shared hosting service where Backups are one of the major problem, Managed WordPress Hosting comes with daily backup facility with no additional cost. The hosting service also allows you to set a restore point so that you can restore the website backup at any point you want.
  • Hacker Proof: WordPress blogs are very pron to hack. Thanks to the security measures adopted by hosting providers, which makes this hosting service practically 100% hacking proof, although exceptions are everywhere. Websites running on this hosting services are less likely to be hacked compared to the sites running on normal shared WordPress hosting.
  • Expert Support: As I already mentioned in this post that Managed WordPress Hosting comes with expert support. The hosting companies train their staff on WordPress platform so that they can provide you the best possible solution of your problem. The support staff can give you a solution to any of your big or small problem.
  • Zero Downtime:  You get almost zero downtime when you run your website on this specialized hosting service. No matter how much traffic your website receive, the hosting service will not let your website go down at any point of time. The hosting packages offered by these hosting companies are highly scalable and can handle any amount of traffic.
  • Automatic Updates: We all know that WordPress Updates are very important to make your website secure and up to date. With Managed WordPress Hosting, the updates happens automatically and your website always run with the latest WordPress release.

It’s Time To List Some Disadvantages

Well, you probably got impressed with the long list of Managed WordPress Hosting advantages. Now let’s discuss some of the disadvantages the hosting solution has.

  • Price: Every good service comes with a good price tag and the same applies to Managed WordPress Hosting as well. The price of this solution is up to 10 times higher compared to a normal shared WordPress hosting solution. As I already mentioned in this article that the solution is not for everyone. If you really need the features mentioned above, you go with this solution otherwise Godaddy is a recommended host.
  • Limitations: The Managed WordPress Hosting solution also comes with limitations e.g you can’t install any of the WordPress plugin you want. To optimize the speed and overall performance, Managed Hosting providers restrict some of the plugins that cause speed issues.
  • Limited Control: As your host is managing your hosting on your behalf, you get a limited control on your hosting space. Although it is better as you might not know all the things that are required to run your website smoothly.