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Top 10 Cheap Windows Hosting Services in 2020

Choosing a hosting package that suits your business is vital, although it may be somewhat confusing to many. Some companies still don’t understand much about hosting, but there is a need to get the hosting services in 2020 with the evolving tech.

Through Microsoft mobile development, a NET framework has apps that can run Windows Platforms and host servers, you can opt for this if you deal with massive data. Based on ASP.NET, window hosting will operate a website that runs on this technology.

Before selecting a host, it is paramount for you to have the answers to these questions;

What do you want from your site? How will it be used? How much traffic do you expect from it? And last, will the order processing require a secure server?

There are three types of hosting that we will help us to start understanding more about hosting:

Shared Hosting: It is the most popular service for 2020 and the cheapest type of hosting. Your site shares a server with other websites because of the shared package plan, but there is no need to fret about security. Servers cannot access your admin site and vice versa. Each website gets its space. The shared resources are RAM and CPU.

Dedicated Hosting: Has a package that gives you an entirely dedicated server. Which means you don’t share resources like the shared hosting. Updates and software installation are remote. This type of hosting is convenient for those with a busy website and high traffic. 

Cloud Hosting: With cloud hosting, your data reaches multiple servers, which can be an advantage in the sense that, if any part of your site runs down, you can quickly recover your work. Every business needs to embrace this for 2020. Another advantage is that people can work remotely, upload files.

10 Best Window Hosting Companies for 2020

  1. Hostwinds

A hosting company that favors medium businesses, and it is an enterprise solution. Offers VPS hosting for windows and Linux. It features a Softaculous auto-installer that is simple and straightforward. It also provides personal, affordable, and remarkable customer service.

Its shared hosting plans come with a free dedicated IP address, nightly backups, tech support that runs for 24/7, and much more.

An all budget plan as shown below;

Basic plan; for one site will cost you $3.29 monthly with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Advanced plan; four sites will cost you $ 4.23 with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Ultimate plan; unlimited sites will cost you $ 5.17

  1. Liquid Web

It is a Windows hosting service that is usually available for cloud VPS and dedicated servers. It is also well known for offering managed windows hosting services. It focuses on the quality of the technical support system and web hosting services. They are said to be super-fast, but then again, it depends on the type of plan that you will take. Liquid Web hosting plans are as follows;

Personal; for one site will cost you $29 monthly with a storage of 20 GB SSD, and 5TB bandwidth  

Freelance; up to four sites will cost $ 69 monthly with a 40 GB SSD storage, and 5TB bandwidth.

Professional; up to 10 users will cost you $ 99 monthly with a storage of 100 GB SSD and 5TB bandwidth.

Business; up to 25 sites will cost you $ 149 monthly with a storage of 150 GB SSD and 5TB bandwidth.

  1. HostGator

Offers all types of web and windows hosting services; shared, cloud, and dedicated. Other features include a free SSL certificate and also provides a 24/7 hosting support. As we said, it has all types of hosting, so it means one can configure and even check emails from any mobile device. It has an excellent secure review from users because of its spam filter.

With six different plans, each host also has three plans that start from;

Hatchling shared ideas; it begins from as low as a $ 2.75 monthly plan for a single shared domain with unlimited bandwidth. After that, you renew at $ 6.95 monthly. The prices will go higher as your work requires different hosting plans.

Check the below table for more.

  1. A2 Hosting

Build up by a redundant network and a power supply. There are kept in a regulated environment to prevent overheating. This type of host offers a shared plan, known to be extremely fast and reliable. A simple and easy to operate- Plesk Onyx 17.8 Control Panel. It provides a free SSL certificate that secures your website, complete SSD for hosting your web files, an unlimited number of email addresses, and free migration service.

With its Secure Shell (SSH), you can access your account using run commands remotely. It has plans that start from;

Lite plan; for one site $ 7.99 monthly plan with unlimited bandwidth.

  1. 1$1 IONOS

You will find this host the most affordable shared window hosting. With prices starting from $ 1 monthly, at least for the first year, and then $ 7.99 after that. Even a novice can give it a trial. It has a lot to offer; SQL import support, SSI certificate, integrated Cloudflare based CDN. It also has a vibrant website- creation tools, and a dependable uptime in testing, a must-try hosting service for 2020.

  1. GoDaddy

There have everything you need for your business hosting. You can choose from their wide range of options; domain name, window hosting, and many more. It offers a 24/7 support system; emails can be integrated into Microsoft apps and has a managed WordPress hosting. Plans start from shared hosting $ 2.99 monthly, WordPress $ 4.99, and Dedicated $ 89.99.

  1. DreamHost

Most reliable and affordable web hosting that comes with popular apps like WordPress and website builder. Offers fast-loading pages that are pleasant to user experience. Has plans that start from; Basic package; for one site cost $ 2.59 monthly renewable with the same amount, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, starter, and unlimited plan that is faster and pricier.

  1. AccuWeb Hosting

Some of the features you will acknowledge in AccuWeb are; Stellar uptime, outstanding customer service, server options such as Linux or Windows, and a dedicated hosting plan. Have many packages, but their shared plan starts from six months and not monthly, the underlying Linux $ 19.51 with unlimited domains, 10GB storage, and allows a 60GB monthly data transfer.

  1. InMotion Hosting

Other than a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, quick customer support, free migration support, and 30-day money-back, Customers get unique features from this host. Which include;

Launch plan; cheapest with two sites and unlimited storage and bandwidth

Power plan; runs faster than Launch and has a middle-price. You can get up to six websites with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Pro plan; this is InMotion’s priciest plan. Apart from having all the embodied features from the first two, it has unlimited website users.

  1. CloudWays Hosting 

The hosting lets you choose your preferred cloud provider, then connects their platform to them. Some of those support mobile development apps servers; Google cloud, AWS Amazon, Linode, and Vultr. The plans start from;

Starter DigitalOcean plan; it offers a 25 GB storage space, 1GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth.

The Vultr starter plan; offers 25GB storage, 1 GB RAM and 1TB bandwidth

Google Cloud starter plan; 20 GB storage, 1.70GB RAM, and 2GB bandwidth.

In conclusion, Windows service is the easiest to use. There is no much learning curve required, when it comes to windows, like complex languages needed in some other platform whenever an upgrade is necessary. Well, we believe the article has acquainted you with window hosting service that you can’t ignore in 2020. Seeking their services will help you promote and build your website as your business grow.