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Write For Us – We’re Accepting Guest Posts

So you want to contribute an article to VPSHostingNinja.

Awesome  🙂

We always welcome awesome people like YOU to write a guest post on our blog.

We do accept guest posts on a variety of topics. To contribute an article on our blog, you should be an expert on any of the following topics

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Website Security
  • Website Builders
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Generation

Although you can contribute a guest post on our web hosting blog for free, but it doesn’t mean we will accept any guest post.

Frankly speaking, we are very picky in accepting guest posts. We only publish articles that we believe will add value to our blog and will help our readers.

What we’re looking for…

  • We only accept original content that has been exclusively written for vpshostingninja.com.
  • Your guest post content should be related to Web hosting, WordPress, Website Design, CDN (Content Delivery Networks) and related topics as mentioned above.
  • Your content should be 1200+ words long.
  • It should be well formatted.
  • You won’t pay you for your article.

Here are some sample articles that you can have a look at to understand the article quality that we accept on our blog.

Do you think you can match the quality? Perfect …. Send us at least 3 topic ideas.

You can send us the topic ideas and your pitch to taf@aol.in

Thanks and Have a great day  🙂