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VPS Hosting That Accept Crypto Payment (Bitcoin)

Cryptocurrency is a buzzing word in online communities. As per the expert, 2% of world transaction is happening on crypto. With its evolution, many countries have legalized crypto payments for goods and service transactions.

Hosting platforms has accepted the crypto revolution and started receiving crypto payment. Though large numbers of hosting providers are yet to accept crypto payment, the majority of them increased their sales by accepting crypto payments.

Crypto payments are not limited to Bitcoin. VPS hosting providers accept the majority of altcoins. You can use crypto payment from any country because they accept payment worldwide. Here we present to you the top VPS hosting provider that accepts crypto payment.

1.     Namecheap

NameCheap is a popular and reputed hosting provider. It has gained its popularity for cheap domain names. However, its recent launch of VPS hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting boosted it ranks among web hosting provider as well.

Along with VPS Hosting, they accept crypto payments all hosting services. Currently, NameCheap only accepts Bitcoin by a secure crypto payment gateway of Bitpay.

Once you transfer Bitcoin to them, they convert it to USD and keep it your balance. Once you purchase anything, they charge it from the available USD balance.

2.     PiVPS

PiVPS provide powerful Windows and Linux VPS server. They offer dedicated Forex VPS hosting, where you can run trading bots. PiVPS accepts not only Bitcoin but also popular altcoins.

Below are the lists of CryptoCurrency that PiVPVS accept as a payment method for VPS plans.

  1. USTD
  2. LTC
  3. DASH
  4. XMR
  5. ETH
  6. ZEC
  7. BCH

Now, keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are peer to peer transaction and hard to track. Hence, all crypto payments are not refundable. A user should use any other payment method to avail money-back guarantee from PiVPS.

3.     Vultr

Vultr is a popular VPS hosting provider that is powered by cloud infrastructure. They provide VPS server block storage and allows to use of your ISO. Vultr accepts Bitcoins, but it has to be your second payment. A user must use any other method while purchasing for the first time.

4.     Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the cheapest but quality hosting providers. Their VPS plans start at as low as $3.95 per month. Along with Windows and Linux VPS, they are specialized in Minecraft VPS hosting as well. In addition to bitcoin, they accept various altcoins as payment method.

Below are the lists of Cryptocurrencies that they accept as a payment method for VPS hosting.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Etherium
  3. Dash
  4. Neo
  5. NEM
  6. Ripple
  7. Litecoin
  8. Dogecoin
  9. Monero

5.     HostWinds

HostWinds provides Linux and Windows VPS server. Their VPS hosting is a bit costly, but they offer both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. As a beginner, you can choose managed VPS, but as a developer, unmanaged VPS is suitable.

The beautiful thing is that as per Hostwind Terms of Service if you qualify for a refund, they issue an account credit that you can use to buy other services from HostWind.

HostWind uses CoinPyments as a bitcoin payment gateway. Hence they accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

  1. LTC
  2. BCH
  3. BLK
  4. DASH
  5. DCR
  6. DGB
  7. DOGE
  8. ETC
  9. ETH
  10. KMD
  11. POT
  12. VTC
  13. WAVES
  14. XRP

6.     Routerhosting

Routerhosting may not be familiar, but slowly it’s evolving as a reliable VPS hosting provider. They provide potent Windows and Linux VPS. Routerhosting VPS is suitable not only for online gaming but also for forex trading.

They accept payment via popular cryptocurrencies listed below.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. ETC
  3. LTC
  4. BCH
  5. XRP

Advantages of Crypto Payments For VPS Hosting

Let’s discuss some of the merits of using cryptocurrency as payment methods.

Save Real Cash

If you use crypto coins, then you save hard-earned cash. There are many legit sites where you can get free Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Many people are using these sites to earn free bitcoins and using them to buy hosting services.

Lower transaction fees

VPS hosting provider uses Paypal or credit cards to accept payments. VPS hosting cost includes additional costs such as service charge and taxes. You can lower these costs by using Crypto payment for purchasing VPS Hosting.

No Bank Account

There is no need to have any bank account for buying VPS hosting. You just need to have an online Crypto wallet and transfer bitcoins to the hosting provider’s wallet address.

Pay From Any Countries

As crypto transactions are peer to peer, there are no boundaries of countries. It does not matter which country you belong to; you can always use this method. In some states, cryptocurrency is not legal. Despite that, you can use this method to buy VPS hosting.

How Crypto Payments Works For VPS Hosting?

Every VPS hosting provider accepts cryptocurrency payment via a payment gateway vendor such as Coinpayment. User transfer crypto coins to the hosting provider’s wallet address. They convert it into USD balance. Once users purchase VPS hosting, they take the payment from USD balance.