Benefits of hosting on a VPS server

The Benefits of hosting on a VPS server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is essentially a server that uses virtualization technology to provide the user with private resources for multiple users on a server. VPS are growing in their popularity and are a much safer, secure and stable solution in comparison to shared hosting websites for your business’ needs. For websites that have medium level foot fall that does not fit into most shared hosting plans, VPS is the best go-to option.

If you want your business to excel, it is necessary that all intricacies of your website and its working modules achieve the highest possible level of performance and efficiency. Especially if you are an ecommerce company and the highest percentage of your revenue comes from online resources, your website and its server needs to be fast and efficient enough to not have frequent lag times which can be very off putting for customers.

If you are looking to host your website on a VPS server, you should follow through to and listed below are few of the benefits of hosting on a VPS server:

1. A VPS server gives you increased performance and efficiency

Unlike a shared hosting platform, a VPS server allows you to operate in seclusion and in independence from other people. Shared platforms have hundreds and thousands of websites using the same server as you  which can create functionality problems in your website. For instance, even if one website on a shared platform receives a lot of traffic, it is likely to slow down the operations of all websites. However, if you use a VPS server, your website’s functionality will never be dependent on another website in any way.

2. A VPS server gives you higher control

By using a VPS server, you can be assured that you would get root access on your website. If you wish to use software that is specific to your company and your operations, you would not be able to do that in a shared server, which means you would not have root access. You would be limited on the software that your shared hosting server allows you to use and this would significantly limit the performance of your systems. However, since a VPS server allows you to implement whichever software you may like and make any changes you deem appropriate on your server.

3. A VPS server allows you to scale

If you are a business that plans on expanding significantly, or are a well established business already, a VPS server is the best plan for you as it would allow you to scale significantly in terms of website scalability. If you feel that a new campaign, product or service that you are going to launch is likely to create a lot of traffic on your website, then it is suggested that you opt for a VPS server as it would allow you to scale your website without affecting any of its functionalities, ensure that no downtime occurs and that all required shift happens smoothly. For businesses in a big scale industry, this is a very significant part of your website needs.