Arvixe VPS Review 2018

Arvixe VPS Review: Arvixe VPS Hosting is an obvious choice for anyone looking for affordable Linux VPS or Windows VPS solution with pro level support. Although we personally recommend Dreamhost & InMotion Hosting over Arvixe when it comes to high quality VPS Hosting at right price. While Dreamhost & InMotion Hosting maintain a standard in all of their VPS Hosting plan, Arvixe restrict some important features in its Lite Plan e.g No cPanel, Fully Managed Option etc.

If you’ve already made your mind to go with Arvixe over Dreamhost & InMotion Hosting, below is our unbiased review about Arvixe VPS.

Good Things That You’ll Love About Arvixe VPS

Option To Choose Your OS

While most of the VPS Hosting providers only offer Linux VPS Hosting solutions, Arvixe let you choose between CentOS 6 and Windows 2012 operating system. There is no cap on monthly bandwidth and you can create unlimited email on all the domain hosted on your server.

Fully Managed

All VPS Hosting plans except the VPS Class Lite & VPS ClassASP Lite are fully managed. While most of the other hosting provider charge separately for server management services, Arvixe offer it as a bundle package with their VPS Hosting services.

Multiple IP Addresses

Either you want to install a SSL certificate or want to improve your website’s search engine ranking, IP Addresses plays a vital role in your business online success. Arvixe VPS comes with up to 2 Free IP Addresses depends upon what plan you choose for yourself.

CDN Ready

In online world speed is everything and specially when it comes you VPS. People usually choose a VPS to get better speed and up time. Arvixe VPS comes with Cloudflare CDN ready. That means websites hosted on your server will open equally fast from any corner of the world.

Powered With SSD Drives

SSD Drives adds more power to your VPS. They’re 20x faster than normal SATA Drives. Arvixe VPS are powered with 15K RPM SSDs which makes your VPS experience even better.

Free Control Panel & WHMCS License

Web hosting control panels comes free with shared hosting services but with VPS hosting, premium control panels like cPanel comes with a cost. Thanks to Arvixe they’ve included cPanel free with their VPS hosting. You also got free license of WHMCS, which is the most popular billing software.

$200 Value Advertising Credits

This is truly a kind of money back. If you’re from US & Canada, you can get $200 Google & Yahoo advertisement credits when you buy a VPS from Arvixe.

Weekly R1Soft Backups

Backing up your website is important. Arvixe VPS Hosting come with weekly R1Soft Backups. You can anytime request a restore of your VPS from the support staff.

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Few Bad Things About Arvixe VPS Hosting

Limited Scalability

While most of the big VPS Hosting brand like LiquidWeb allows you to scale up your VPS to the highest level, Arvixe give you only 3 plans to choose from. When you look at the plans closely, you’ll find that you can only scale your VPS up to 3 GB of RAM & 8 Processors. Disk space is also limited to 100 GB only which is too less to host big applications.

Over Priced

When we compare Arvixe VPS to the competition, we found Arvixe VPS are costly. The similar plans can be bought from the other host for 25% less price. Dreamhost VPS plans starts from $15 per month only.

Limited OS Flavours

Although Arvixe offers VPS hosting on both Linux & Windows platform but choice of OS flavors is limited. In Linux VPS category, you only have CENTOS 6 & In Windows OS category, you can only choose Windows 2012 version.

No Database & Popular Languge Support on VPSlite Plan

As we said earlier, Arvixe basic VPS plans comes with lots of restriction and one them is no database. How can you imagine a VPS without database. On Arvixe website is also written that the basic plan also not support common languages like PHP5, CGI, SSI etc. Although we think that user can install those languages but they doesn’t come pre-installed.

The Verdict

Based on our research, we can say Arvixe VPS is not so good option if you’re planning to move to VPS Hosting. For Linux VPS you can try Bluehost, Dreamhost or InMotion Hosting and if you’re planning to buy a Windows VPS then Godaddy is a good option.

There’re hundreds of VPS Hosting providers in the market but we only recommend those VPS providers who are reliable and care about their customers.

You may also want to read Godaddy VPS Review, Bluehost VPS Review & Dreamhost VPS Review to make it easy to take a decision.

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