Hostpapa Vs Godaddy vs Hostgator

hostpapa vs godaddy vs hostgatorHostpapa, Godaddy & Hostgator, all 3 are top web hosting companies and offers reliable web hosting services. While all 3 are different in terms of their web hosting packages and technologies they support, it is had to sum up which is the right for your web hosting need. In this article we’ll compare Hostpapa Vs Godaddy vs Hostgator and will find out which one is the best for you.

We’ll compare Hostpapa, Godaddy & Hostgator web hosting services on different parameters like disk space, bandwidth, control panel, number of domains allowed, database support, programming languages they support, quality of their customer support, up time & performance.

Hostpapa, Godaddy, Hostgator : Plans Comparison

Hostpapa offers only a single Linux web hosting plan, that is an unlimited plan.  The plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited My SQL 5.1 databases. You can host unlimited websites with this plan. Hostpapa also gives you one free domain name for 1 year. To manage your web hosting space, Hostpapa hosting comes with cPanel that let’s you manage everything for your web hosting. Hostpapa also offers unlimited email accounts that you can create using the cPanel. Apart from all of this you get a free website builder with unlimited design templates that you may use to build a website for yourself. The web hosting supports all the popular content management systems, image gallerias and blogging platforms including WordPress, b2evolution, Gallery2, Coppermine, PHPNuke, Mambo, Joomla, Moodle and more. It also supports wiki software like Tiki Wiki. The Hosting is pre-loaded with Softaculous Script Installer that supports 100+ script libraries. You can install any of your favorite script using the installer with just few clicks. To save some money on Hostpapa Hosting you may avail the below mentioned $1/Month offer or can check Hostpapa Coupon Code here.

hostpapa offer

Godaddy offers 4 different web hosting plans i.e Starter, Economy, Deluxe & Ultimate. Unlike Hostpapa, Godaddy offers their web hosting services on Linux & Windows platforms, that means you may host any website or application on Godaddy hosting whether it is built with php,html, or anything else. Godaddy doesn’t support ASP.NET on its starter plan. Although we also don’t recommend starter plan to our blog readers because it comes with lots of limitation.

If you’re just starting up and just want to host a single website, Godaddy Economy Hosting plan is the best option for you. It comes with 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1*1GB MY SQL Database, Linux or Windows option, cPanel/Plesk control panel, 100 Free email accounts & 1 free domain name. For a limited period Godaddy is giving away its Economy Hosting plan for just $1 per month. You can avail this offer using the following link.

If you’ve quite a few websites and want to host them with a reliable web hosting provider, take Godaddy Deluxe hosting plan. The plan let you host unlimited websites under a single plan. It comes with unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, 25 My SQL databases, latest cPanel/Plesk control panel, Windows/Linux OS options and 500 free email accounts. Like Economy hosting plan, this plan also comes with a free domain name.

If you own high traffic websites that needs more security and better up time, Godaddy ultimate plan is the best choice for you. The plan comes with premium DNS which makes websites load faster. It also comes with a free SSL and unlimited MY SQL databases. Like Godaddy Deluxe plan, this plans also let you know unlimited websites and comes with unlimited bandwidth & storage.

godaddy offer

Hostgator offers 3 different web hosting plans i.e Hatchling, Baby & Business. As the name suggest Hatchling plan is best suited for someone just starting up with a single website. The plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth & a shared SSL certificate. Dedicated IP is not allowed in this plan.

Baby plan let you host unlimited domain names and this is best suited when you want to host more than 1 domain name with Hostgator. It comes with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth & shared SSL certificate. You may also buy a dedicated IP for your hosting by paying $2 monthly and instead of a shared SSL certificate, you may also include a private SSL certificate. Baby plan is the most selling plan of Hostgator.

Business Plan is best suited for websites that has high traffic and needs more security i.e Business Websites. It comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth & unlimited allowed domains. With Hostgator business plan you get a free dedicated IP, free private SSL & a free toll-free number. With the toll free number you’ll be able to receive calls from US callers. It comes with 100 free minutes per month and 4.9 cents per minute.

All plans comes with 45 days money back guarantee, 99.9% up time guarantee, 24*7 customer support and no contract. You also receive $100 Google adwords credit that you can avail spending $25 on Google Advertising. The control panel i.e cPanel gives you an option to take backup of your entire account in just 1 click and let you download the backup on your system, although Hostgator also takes backups of your account periodically.

With every hosting you purchase with Hostgator, you can a website builder for free that you can use to create your website. The website builder comes with 4,500 Free templates and lets you create beautiful websites in few clicks with a drag and drop control panel.

hostgator offer

Performance Comparison

In hosting industry the quality of any web hosting service is determine by its performance. If a hosting server respond slow, it considered as bad performance. To test which hosting service provider is good, we test their own website’s performance using the online tool known as Pingdom. Below are the results of our test.

hostpapa vs godaddy vs hostgator speed test

As you may see in the image above that Hostgator perform not so good compare to Hostpapa & Godaddy. The overall performance grade of Hostgator website is only 75/100, whereas Hostpapa & Godaddy got a tie in terms of performance grade. They both get a performance grade 84/100 which is quite good.

To give you more in-depth knowledge about Hostpapa, Godaddy & Hostgator hosting performance, we compare their websites with one more performance measuring tool known as gtMatrix. Below is the image of the results.

gtmatrix hostpapa godaddy hostgator performance report

In the above test we got a better picture about the performance of these 3 hosts. In the test as expected Hostgator perform the worst compare to Hostpapa & Godaddy. Hostpapa perform better than Godaddy and steal the show. So in terms of hosting performance Hostpapa is a clear winner.

Conclusion – Time To Announce The Winner

Let’s me announce the winner now. Considering all the facts mentioned above there is a tie between Hostpapa & Godaddy. Hostgator left far behind when compared with Hostpapa & Godaddy. If you want to keep all of your domains & hosting at one place, Godaddy is the best option, but if you want a reliable web hosting provider at a very affordable price, Hostpapa is a clear choice. Now it is your turn which hosting provider you do choose. If you’ve any question before you buy a hosting for you, feel free to drop a line to us using our contact us form.