Month to Month Web Hosting

month to month web hostingNow buying the best month to month web hosting plan is easy because we have handpicked some really good monthly web hosting plans that are not only cheap but offers all the features that you will need to run a website successfully on the internet.

We know that most of the popular web hosting providers you’ll come across, don’t offer a month to month web hosting plan but still, there are some web hosts that offers pay monthly hosting services.

Most people prefer to buy yearly hosting plans for the reason they are cheap and you get a better discount when you pay for multiple years in advance.

But paying month to month has its own advantages. You may end up paying more when you pay monthly but you can leave the host anytime you want without losing any money.

In this article, we’ll mention 5 such web hosting providers.

Top 5 Month To Month (Monthly) Web Hosting Providers 2020

Here is a quick look at the web hosting providers offering month to month web hosting services.

Web Host Name Monthly Pricing
HostGator $0.01
InterServer $5
GoDaddy $1
DreamHost $10.95
JustHost $7.99


If you’ll ask me recommending a good web host that offers monthly web hosting plans, I will recommend Hostgator to you.

I myself use Hostgator to host some of my websites and I must say their web hosting services are quite reliable.

They offer 3 web hosting plans i.e Hatchling, Baby, and Business.  The hatchling plan is ideal for hosting a single website but with Baby and Business plans, you can host more than one website.

The plans start from as low as $3.95 per month but need a 3 years upfront payment to lock that cheap price. If you want to pay monthly, the Hatchling plan will cost you $10.95 per month.

You can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

You get 45 days money back guarantee when you buy Hostgator web hosting.


Interserver is one of the fastest growing web hosting company. They are known for their affordable web hosting services that come with price lock guarantee.

Interserver is now a new web hosting provider. They have started their business over 18 years ago. Although, they have added more services like Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers very recently.

Interserver offers pay month to month hosting plan. You can choose to pay monthly during the checkout process.

Unlike Hostgator, they don’t charge you a higher price when you chose monthly billing option.

Their web hosting cost $5 per month.


Godaddy is my favorite web hosting provider and I host most of my websites with them. This website is also running on Godaddy’s shared web hosting.

Godaddy offers the cheapest web hosting plans. Their web hosting plans starts from as low as $1 per month. You also get a free domain name, free email accounts with every Godaddy hosting plan.

Here are one bad and one good news for you. The bad news is Godaddy don’t offer a month to month web hosting plan. Now the good news is, you can buy their web hosting for just $12 for a complete year that also includes a free domain. While Hostgator offers monthly web hosting plan for $10.95 per month, paying $12 for 12 months hosting is indeed a good deal.

This is indeed the cheapest web hosting offer and someone should not miss it.


Dreamhost is a reputed name in the web hosting industry.  They are known for their quality web hosting services. Although, their web hosting plans are expensive compared to the plans offered by the other popular web hosting providers.

Dreamhost offers a monthly hosting plan that cost you $10.95 per month.

The major advantage of Dreamhost over any other web hosting provider is their money back guarantee. They offer a 97-day money back guarantee with their web hosting plans.

With every web hosting plan, you get a free domain name, free domain privacy protection, and free SSL certificate.

They use SSDs on their servers that are 200% faster than the standard SSDs.


JustHost is known as a cheap web hosting provider. Their web hosting services are ideal for hosting low traffic websites.

Justhost offers 3 month to month web hosting plans i.e Basic, Plus and Prime.

You can host one website with the Basic plan, the plus plan allows you to host up to 10 websites, and with Prime plan, you can host unlimited websites.

The basic plan cost you $7.99 per month when you chose to pay monthly.

You can make the payment using a credit card or PayPal.

Conclusion: Which Month to Month Hosting Should You Pick?

There is no doubt that Godaddy $1 Hosting is the best deal that someone should pick out the options mentioned above.

If you think Godaddy is not a good option, You can pick Interserver web hosting, which is another good option that comes with a price lock guarantee.

Hostgator and Dreamhost are also good options but both are expensive.

Justhost is less known and I can not comment on their quality of service as I am not using them right now.

Now it is your turn to pick a web hosting company. We have listed some really good options for you.