Find Hosting Offer for Shop Project

How to Find the Right Hosting Offer for Your Shop Project?

Newcomers to online trading are faced with many questions. 

One of the first is: How do I set up an online shop at all? Budding online retailers with sufficient start-up capital can tailor a professionally designed web shop right from the start. 

Then, however, a few thousand euros are quickly spent before the first goods are even sold online. 

If you want to take things into your own hands right from the start and keep them there, you can do the technical implementation of your online shop yourself.

Shop widgets and rental shops: for beginners

Even with limited financial and time resources or only little technical knowledge, various simple ways lead to your own online shop: So-called shop widgets (mini-applications that can be integrated into a website and run), such as Ecwid, Wazala or PayPal You can even integrate yourself into websites as a practical web app for free.

The products can then be displayed with preview images, for example. 

After the customer has clicked on it, the actual mini-shop opens, where he can buy and pay for the products.

If you prefer your own online shop with several products, a rental shop solution is often suitable for beginners in order to sell online without great technical effort.

For a low monthly rental fee, your own shop can be completely web-based in the browser, based on the principle of a website construction kit.

Good rental shop offers offer support in all relevant areas of e-commerce and provide numerous interfaces to marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, payment method providers, legal advice and shipping service providers.

Online retailers who prefer an individual shop and would like to integrate their own customer relationship management systems or merchandise management systems rely on customized shop solutions or adaptable open source software, depending on the budget available. 

These solutions can be designed according to the needs of the online shop retailer in terms of design and functions and can be individually expanded using additional plugins. 

In this case, the operator of the online shop has to deal with some technical aspects again. 

This essentially includes the question of the appropriate hosting of the shop. 

Depending on the planned shop project (size, scope, budget and IT skills), one of the following hosting solutions is suitable.

Shared web hosting: for individualists on a budget

For smaller online shops that should be individually designed, but get by with few products and initially expect very low visitor numbers, shared web hosting offers are usually already suitable. 

Shared web hosting is inexpensive because many users share a single server. Of course, this limits the resources and the performance of the server for the individual user. 

With most shared web hosting providers such as 1 & 1, web applications, as well as professional shop software, can be set up on the web space using an installation wizard. 

Since the resources on a shared server are very limited compared to other solutions, one should consider larger individual shop projects with many products. Check and save more on hosting plans with coupons.

Virtual server: Few users share a machine

Virtual servers are a kind of hybrid form of managed server and shared web hosting: Few users share a server. 

Professional virtualization solutions ensure that users with high traffic volumes do not impair the other server customers on the same machine, so that there is always enough capacity and performance available for the shop content. 

If more performance is required, in most cases you can upgrade the server or switch to a managed server.

However, your own server, even if it is virtual and shared with several other users, entails a much higher administrative effort than is the case with shared web hosting

Because the shop operator himself is responsible for ensuring that his shop application runs error-free and efficiently on the server.