Dedicated vs Semi-dedicated hosting

Dedicated vs. Semi-dedicated Hosting Pros and Cons

Are you looking for the top-notch web hosting solution for your site? Then this guide will help you in making the right choice for your site.

Since there are plenty of web hosting choices, one might get overwhelmed with so many options.

Additionally, to begin with, you should know what exactly are these hosting plans offering to you.

That’s why to make things easier; we have decided to focus only on two web hosting services; Dedicated and Semi-dedicated web hosting services.

Let’s roll over to get to the point.

Dedicated web hosting service

Dedicated web hosting focuses only on one site and allocates its resources, privacy, and control to a “single dedicated website.” The dedicated web hosting provides an isolated hosting solution where the resources can get configured in the desired way without being affected by any neighborhood users’ actions.

Dedicated web hosting comes with full commanding customization, which is not allowed in shared or semi shared hosting. You’ll have the authority to run specific applications, select your required amount of bandwidth along with the disk memory to be used.

Pros and cons of Dedicated web hosting


  • It allows users to fully utilize server resources such as bandwidth usage, storage space, and RAM expanse.
  • You will get root access, which means you can perform extensive customization and optimize your server settings as per your need.
  • Dedicated servers are more reliable in maintaining a high volume of traffic because you will not lose traffic or face downtime because of bad neighbors.
  • Dedicated servers are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks because multiple users are not sharing servers, so there are fewer security breaches.
  • Easily scalable plans because there is no competition for resources on the same server.


  • Generally, dedicated hosting is no surprise; comes at a higher cost than semi-dedicated hosting. It can get even more expensive by adding up more resources such as increased bandwidth, cPanel, large storage space, and RAM usage or adding up software packages to run the software.

Dedicated web hosting is recommended?

Dedicated servers are especially ideal for large scale business websites or large organizations persuaded to receive higher traffic which requires high speed hosting. The websites that manage valuable data and need more dedicated security need to invest in dedicated web hosting.

Semi-dedicated Web Hosting

Semi-dedicated web hosting is comparatively less known web hosting, and one might get confused with this abstruse term “semi-dedicated.” Semi-dedicated is defined in multiple ways, and sometimes it is defined as a combination of shared and VPS hosting. Specifically, semi-dedicated servers do not allow you to enjoy full authority, and you’ll have access only to your resources in use. Usually, semi-dedicated servers will host only a few websites instead of thousands of websites sharing the same server resources in shared hosting. The physical server of semi-dedicated hosting will monitor and equally divide dedicated resources like RAM usage, storage, and memory among multiple hosted websites. The operating system of semi-dedicated hosting supports per capita cost. Each website will be using assigned resource limits only, so; there is no overuse of resources by other websites.

Pros and cons of Semi-dedicated Hosting


  • The first advantage of using semi-dedicated hosting is that it is less costly than dedicated hosting because your resources and operational costs are divided amongst many other users.
  • The host company holds the supreme power to dedicate all the resources like storage, CPU usage, and memory to each site owner; therefore, no one will face the depletion of resources because of other site’s intervention.
  • Semi-dedicated servers are often operated by high-performing servers to ensure reliable resource allocation to its users.
  • As the resources are shared through multi-tenants, so one might get suspicious of semi-dedicated servers security. However, these servers are fully equipped with secured solutions because the host itself thoroughly provisions the security measurements; therefore, it maintains excellent security as that of dedicated hosting.


  • The users will agree that semi-dedicated server hosts will have access to their site server to maintain access of resources to all multi-tenant equally.
  • You might face issues related to scalability and site migration depending upon the setup of the semi-dedicated server. Sometimes semi-dedicated servers prefer to work as VPS servers to catch up with the extra costs, but this can lock the site at a particular location. Finally, If you need to migrate your site to another setup or need extra space, then your site might face severe downtime.

Semi-dedicated web hosting is recommended for

Semi-dedicated hosting is perfect for small business websites, blogs, and websites that have small databases. Moreover, Semi-dedicated hosting supports all those processors that need less CPU usage such as Apache, LightSpeed, My SQL, and many others. Those websites that use less CPU usage and have visitors of about 10,000 per month can rely on semi-dedicated servers. On the contrary, websites with more than 50,000 visitors per month or need high CPU usage should go for dedicated servers.