Top 10 Web Hosting Services to Acquire in 2020

It’s always a battle to first pick the right web hosting company and then select the most appropriate hosting plan for your site. Over the internet, there are thousands of web hosting sites and businesses available. It’s a real struggle to shortlist them and then to count on the finalized one. Moreover, hosting like VPS, cloud hosting, shared web hosting and domain hosting all serve different purposes you need to understand the difference and then go for the right service.

Lo and Behold! Here in this blog, I have managed to shortlist the top ten web hosting services of 2018 to assist you in making the right decision. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin our journey.

1. SiteGround

best web hosting service

SiteGround is a leading web service that was founded in 2004. The company has 400+ employees all well skilled and qualified. It offers one-click installer along with a free transfer to customers for an efficient process. Moreover, you can enjoy professional WordPress management tools with GIT integration. The web hosting plans are highly reasonable. They not only offer WordPress hosting facilities but a wide range of templates are also ready to use along with expert consultation for making the right pick. You can choose between all the different kinds of web hosting services including cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

2. GoDaddy

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GoDaddy – the award-winning site offers an incredible range of web hosting services. Without any hurdles, you can an engaging and professional string site developed in a blink! GoDaddy stands among the world’s leading domain name registrar. The site serves more than 17 million customers while having above 6000 employees who strive to cater the needs 24/7. From providing domain to fully managing the site, at GoDaddy, you can enjoy a comprehensive range of services. They optimized the speed of your website along with protecting your customer’s data. Furthermore, fast site building tool prepares your website in less than an hour.

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3. A2 Hosting

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A2 Hosting provides high-powered web hosting services to meet the unique needs of target audience. The company serves all the kinds of web hosting from VPS to Shared, cloud hosting to dedicated hosting at the most reasonable rates. The A2 Site Accelerators makes the speed of your website up to 20% faster. The easy to setup website builders and custom serve resources attracts thousands of customers. The professional developers are available 24/7 to assist you with your requirements. Furthermore, the site provides potential software to make your site perform well.

4. HostGator

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HostGator is a renowned name of web hosting industry provides three basic plans having individual prices and services. It delivers easy drag-and-drop build experience. Over 4500 web templates are available on the site along with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction and so provide 45 days money back guarantee along with 24/7 customer support to guide clients about the best package. Being one of the best ten web hosting companies around the world it offers most affordable offers. The company is located in Houston, Texas, and Austin.

5. BlueHostbest wordpress web hosting

Founded in 2003- Bluehost is a premier web hosting solution provider. The company strives to incorporate new ideas and techniques to provide advanced services to the prospective customers. Providing complete hosting services along with expert support to cater every need depicts their level of professionalism. Their web hosting plans come at the most discounted rates and ensure maximum outcomes. Bluehost provides 100% money-back guarantee while helping customers around the clock. The WordPress management service guarantees top-notch hosting solutions with a touch of uniqueness. You can buy cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and shared hosting services from Bluehost.

6. DreamHost

best shared hosting service

DreamHost– the award-winning hosting company serves 1.5 million sites, apps, and blogs of renowned brands and organizations. The remixer software helps customers to build a stable and robust website within no time. The services offered at DreamHost includes dedicated web hosting, VPS, shared hosting, professionally managed WordPress hosting, domain names registration, and expert website builder. The company promises 100% uptime along with offering round the clock customer support

7. Liquid Web

best managed web hostingTransparent pricing is what they offer- Liquid Web provides a dedicated team to fulfill your unique web hosting needs. The sites serve more than 32000 customers along with five hundred thousand domains under management. The huge crew of experts is there to provide compatible and unbeatable hosting solutions. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the different types of web hosting services including VPS, cloud, shared and WordPress hosting. The dedicated hosting and service ensure an advanced level of outcomes. You can enjoy multiple folds on your investment by counting on Liquid Web. Their reasonable packages and 24/7 services will never let you down.

8. 1&1 Hosting

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1&1 provides a vast range of web hosting services including high-end servers, email solutions, and incredible customer support to cater unique needs of target audience belonging to different corners of the world. The company is known for its extensive and reliable internet products. Its unique business models depict its prime significance in the hosting industry. The professional website builders, expert WordPress management, unbeatable hosting services and most secured cloud servers are part of its service packages.

9. iPage

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Founded in 1998- iPage provides professional web hosting services. The site offers a free email address, website builder, domain name and the facility to add credit card option. It offers a 30-day money back, but hardly any customer has every left the platform with a gloomy look. The robust features and services will help get ranked higher within no time. Apart from hosting they offer marketing services as well, that includes PPC campaigns, web design, and SEO services. Around 1000 free templates are available for the prospective customers with free drag and drop the option of a website builder.

10. Hostinger

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Hosting- the web hosting firm that manages the sites of some of the leading sites like Forbes and Bloomberg offers quality services. The company has successfully catered over 29000 clients all across the globe and delivers 100% no-risk guarantee. The affordable hosting services make it possible to surpass your competitors and to prosper at double pace. It provides hosting with MySQL, PHP, and FTP – some of the leading platforms. Moreover, Hostinger delivers free domain registration along with free SSL top-notch security facility. Protect your business data and that of your client’s without any hassle.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the list of top ten web hosting firms and going through the comprehensive details and attributes of their services might create a cloud of confusion in your mind as each one is better with this but not that. The only solution lies in choosing the one that shows much fewer risk factors. Affordable pricing, money-back guarantee, and secure migration facility. With migration facility here I meant that the fast website builders often lock the owner in the service and it becomes way too complicated to migrate your site from one service to another. Hence, it is recommended to go for such a service that provides automated migration and with INGIC HOST a reputable name for web hosting industry, you can enjoy safe and secure automatic migration. The prices offered are far too compatible and reasonable whereas it has a panel of expert technicians, designers, and developers.

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INGIC HOST offering best web hosting services treats every project like their own and promises stable, prosperous and efficient results.  From the very core, it prepares your site to be the best and to perform at the highest level. With speed as fast as a rocket the firm will make your website a class apart.