WPEngine Review

WPEngine ReviewIn this Wpengine Review, you’ll find both pros & cons of WPEngine managed WordPress hosting. We’ve mentioned 5 reasons to pick them & 2 reasons to ditch them. Read the complete review to find out more.

Most hosting service providers seek to offer their clients hosting packages that are competitively priced.

In doing so, they often pay nominal salaries to their staffs and the latter are usually not equipped to handle WordPress installations.

They employ cheap servers and are liable to shut down your site when the traffic gets out of hand.

However, you will not have to worry about these happening when you hire WPEngine.

This company has the power to offer you servers with fastest caching. They only employ highly qualified experts who are well rewarded for their services.

This allows WPEngine to guarantee the highest degree of security and support when you are running a WordPress website.

The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and this is also the state where WordPress was conceived.

Today, it hosts nearly 75 million WordPress websites and applications and the numbers of their clients do not seem to be dwindling at all.

5 Reasons to choose WPEngine

The Quality of Staff:

This web hosting company is managed by authorities on WordPress where every single employee is highly trained and capable of delivering high-end solutions.

Unlike other mom & pop web hosting companies that hire untrained people to pick up your support call, WpEngine employees are expert in WordPress technologies.

The support is available 24*7 through phone & chat.

WPEngine employee more than 100 full-time WordPress experts in their team.

Technology & Servers:

Many successful bloggers have found WPEngine to be highly responsive.

It guarantees a very high uptime and uses cloud computing techniques.

With WPEngine you can sleep without worries.

WPEngine servers are all equipped to handle high-traffic demands or unforeseen conditions.

The web hosting comes with built-in CDN to give your website and additional speed boost.

one-click staging and restore, direct SFTP & Git version control, are some of the features that come with very few web hosting companies.

Their web hosting comes with pre-integrated Ever catch technology. You don’t need to install any third party caching plugin. Cache is intelligently and automatically refreshed as needed.


WPEngine provides a secure managed WordPress hosting environment for your website. Their hosting environment protects your website from data loss, hackers & bogus traffic that eat up your resources.

They make sure that your website keeps always available and run fast.

All upgrades and searched for malware are conducted when you are not working.

Backups are automatically done and this ensures unmatched security for your business. You can be certain of getting continuous technical support when you face any technical problem.

They keep the WordPress core up to date with all minor WordPress upgrades. When there is a major update, they test it throughout before recommending their client for an upgrade. This ensures the maximum security for your website.

WordPress Site Migration:

WordPress migration becomes easy when you subscribe to the services of WPEngine.

Each WPEngine plan comes with a Free automated site migration plugin. You can move your site easily using the plugin to WPEngine.

Risk-free Guarantee:

You can try out the services of WPEngine for a period of 60 days without paying anything.

In case you are not satisfied with their performance or quality of service, you can always discontinue their packages and get your money back.

Reasons You Should Not Choose WPEngine:

Premium Pricing:

WordPress hosting charges offered by WPEngine are on a higher side.

Although they offer some additional features that a normal web host doesn’t provide but still not everyone can afford them.

The higher cost is for a wide range of security systems, site backups, innovative features, WP updates, hacker free guarantees etc.

Their basic plan starts from $29 per month and only support up to 25000 visitors per month. This much traffic can be handled by a $5 per month web hosting package from other hosts such as SiteGround (Read: SiteGround Vs WPEngine).

WPEngine Pricing

Overage Pricing:

This might be a new term for many of us. Overage pricing is a pricing that a web host charge when you consume more resources than your plan supports.

WPEngine limits their plan based on the number of visitors your website receives per month.

If your website receives more visitors than your plan support during any month, you have to pay an additional price for that extra traffic.

One of the most popular blog known as ShoutMeLoud moved from WPEngine to another host because WPEngine asked them to pay $223 extra as overage charges for the additional traffic.

At the end of the month, WPEngine sends an invoice to ShoutMeLoud for the extra amount that needs to be paid and also deducted the amount from their credit card.

They were already on the business plan that cost $249 per month and supports 4,00,000 visits per month.

Even after paying $249 for the service, an additional $223 is a big amount and not every small or medium size website owner can afford it every month.

This is how they count visits for pricing.

WPEngine pricing policy

Final Verdict: Do we recommend WpEngine?

For those who are new to the world of website creation or blogging, it may not be advisable to opt for WPEngine because there are several other hosting service providers which can offer services for much lower rates. If you’re just starting up with your first website, or you run a small website that receives little traffic, we highly recommend you Godaddy web hosting services. You can buy Godaddy’s web hosting services for as low as $1 per month.

Where you need to manage many low-traffic WordPress sites, there is no sense is switching from an affordable provider to WPEngine because the costs are slightly higher.

But, for those operating a medium or high-traffic single WordPress site for Business, WPEngine is ideal. Where you are constantly worried about hacking threats to your site, you should rely on WPEngine.

WPEngine guarantees speed, scalability, and support. It is feature rich and fully managed web hosting making it very convenient for users who are not confident of server maintenance.

To be sure, We have checked for reviews & testimonials online about this company and find out what customers have to say about its services. Overall we find positive feedback. Our experience with the company is also good. They offer a good service for the price they charge.

With such attractive features, WPEngine is unarguably perhaps the best WordPress hosting company in the market. They have several popular clients including small business owners and those who attach maximum priority to client satisfaction.