WpEngine Pricing {20% Discount Coupon Code}

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WpEngine Pricing is based on the number of visitors you are expecting on your website each month and number of websites you want to host with them. Although you can save some money on your initial purchase using WpEngine Coupon Code 2016.

WpEngine offers several managed WordPress hosting plans and unlike other web hosting providers they clearly mention how many visitors their plans can handle.

Although WpEngine never throttle their customers or put a site down for getting a traffic spike. They charge small overage price of $1 for each 1,000 visitors over your plan limit.

For example, if your site has received 10,000 visitors over your plan limit, you’ve to pay $10 additionally to your monthly commitment. So choose your plan wisely so that you pay the right price.

We’ve mentioned WpEngine pricing & plans details at the middle of this article.

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WpEngine usually issue only single promo code each month. The offer remains the same on all the websites that feature WpEngine deals.

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WpEngine Coupon 2016

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How To Apply WpEngine Coupon Code

Using WpEngine Coupon Codes are simple. Just follow the following steps

Step 1: Visit WpEngine.Com

Step 2: Choose Your Plan

Step 3: Choose Your Billing Cycle

Step 4: Enter Coupon Code SPEEDUP and click APPLY button.

WpEngine Pricing & Plans

WpEngine offers 5 plans for its managed wordpress hosting. You can pick any of the as per your requirements and can apply WpEngine Coupon during checkout to avail the discount.

The above mentioned coupon is applicable on all WpEngine web hosting plans.

Below we’ve mentioned detailed WpEngine Pricing & plans to help you choose the right plan for you.

wpengine managed wordpress hosting plans

You can pick plans based on your blogs traffic and WordPress Installs.

If you’re just starting up, you can start with Personal plan. The plan will let you host one WordPress blog and it is capable of handle 25000 visitors per month. The plan comes with 10GB of local storage.

If you’re a professional blogger or small business with multiple WordPress blogs, you can pick WpEngine Professional plan. The plan let you host 10 blogs. It comes with 20 GB of local storage.

If you’re a business who depends upon blogs e.g Blog Network, WpEngine business plan is the right fit for you. With the plan you can host up to 25 websites in single plan. The plan is capable of handling 400000 visitors each month and it comes with 30 GB of local space.

For blogs which has 1-5 million traffic each month, WpEngine has Premium & Enterprise plans.

You can anytime call WpEngine expert to create a custom plan for you if you’ve 1 million+ traffic on your blog.

What Makes WpEngine Different From Other Shared Hosting Providers

I know there are many companies where you can host your blog for as low as $1 per month.

Now you must be wondering why you should pay that high price to WpEngine to host the same site which otherwise can be hosted at a much lesser price somewhere else.

The reason is, other shared hosting providers doesn’t offer support for third party app like WordPress.

With WordPress issues like plugin conflict, security issues are common. If you’re not an expert and doesn’t know how to code, it could be very difficult for you to find and rectify the problem.

Ultimately you have to hire an expert to solve the problem.

Being a managed wordpress hosting provider, WpEngine do give support on WordPress related issues. There are plenty of features like Blog Staging, Evercatch technology, proactive malware scan etc which otherwise not available with normal shared hosting provider.

The best part is you’re always backed up with real WordPress Experts support team.

WpEngine Speed

We’re in the world where your website speed can make or break your online business. Your website visitors will navigate away if your website will take time to load.

In an analysis Amazon’s calculated that one second of delay in page load time can cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year. Google also calculated that just four tenths of a second in loading search results can cost them 8 million searches per day.

From above analysis you can sense that how much your business can lose in revenue if your website is slow.

WpEngine managed wordpress hosting is optimized for speed. They have industry best page load speed time.

The technology that WpEngine use to optimize speed of a WordPress blog is called “EverCatch System”. It is their own developed catching technology which you’ll not find with any other Managed WordPress hosting provider.

WpEngine Support

WpEngine has one of the best WordPress experts team to give you support.

With WpEngine you’ll never hear something like “This is not covered in your plan” or “We don’t support third party applications” or “We don’t know how to do it” or “Contact your developer to fix this issue” etc etc…

Most of the things which are not covered with many other shared hosting providers for free, WpEngine do cover them if they’re related to WordPress.

WpEngine provides email & telephone support all days 24*7. You can also get support over chat during weekdays.

A Brief about WpEngine

WpEngine was founded in 2010. They have their Headquartered in Austin, Texas.

WpEngine is privately held company. They have 40000+ clients and data centers in US, UK & Japan.

They have 300+ employees working for them. WpEngine server clients globally.

Final Note

If you’ve decided to go with Managed WordPress Hosting for your blog, look no further than WpEngine.

We’re confident that you’ll see good results and will find it as a good investment for your blog.

Don’t forget to claim your discount. Just go to wpengine.com and apply the coupon code SPEEDUP.