How Managed Cloud VPS Adds Value to Your Business

managed cloud vps benefits

Let’s face it – the hosting solution that powers your business website or store is perhaps the most important investment you can ever make!

Another bitter truth of doing business online – Downtime means Loss of revenue and brand prestige.

The hosting provider ensures that your website is available to all visitors regardless of the number of visitors or the time of the year. Unfortunately, many hosting solution providers fail at this point. The result is downtime for the business website or ecommerce store that directly translates into losses in revenues and worse of all, the reputation of your brand.

For many ecommerce stores and corporate portals, the solution is a reliable hosting solution (optimized WordPress hosting is a major requirement) that ensures uptime and performance regardless of traffic spikes and server resources requirements. Typically, the choice of these businesses is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) based hosting solution.

What’s VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private server-based hosting solutions lie in the middle of two extremes of web hosting, Shared and Dedicated. To understand this here’s a short description of the three hosting solutions:

Dedicated hosting solutions offer an entire server for use of a single user. In these solutions, the user has full control of the server and can customize and distribute server resources as per their requirements. Since a single user is in control, the cost of owning and using dedicated servers is quite high. This solution is ideal for large corporate entities and multi-store ecommerce businesses.

Shared hosting solutions offer a piece of the server resources to the users. This means that a single server is divided among several users. In practice, this distribution is not even and the user paying the most often gets the bigger slice of the resources. The good part of using shared hosting is the low cost of owning the slice of the shared server. This makes this solution an excellent entry-level for small businesses and personal blogs.

VPS hosting offers the best of both Dedicated and Shared solutions. A VPS is a virtual server (simply meaning that a physical machine can host multiple VPS) that offers dedicated server resources to the user. For many users, this is the best deal in which they can enjoy the full benefits of a dedicated server without paying the full cost.

How VPS Adds Value for the Users?

When businesses opt for a VPS powered hosting, they are in for a real treat. In particular, a VPS hosting offers:


Since there is no sharing of the resources of the VPS, the user can enjoy a very high degree of security. Given the structure of a VPS server, unauthorized access to server files and resources is very difficult.

Stack Customization

Since the user owns the server, they can set up the hosting stack of their choice without any issues. Users can setup a custom combination of web servers, caches and storage options to suit their requirements. Similarly, if they think they can easily replace a stack component without affecting the business processes. In case or optimized WordPress hosting, this means a dependable foundation for the business

Full Control

Control of a server is perhaps the main reason for opting for VPS servers. Users can restart the server without worrying about affecting others. Similarly, they can install/uninstall any server packages without any worries.


All the resources of the server are dedicated to a single user. This means that the website or ecommerce store hosted on the server is always available to the visitors because there are always enough server resources to cater to the visitors’ requirements. As a result, the uptime of a VPS server is much higher than a Shared server.

Customer Support

Maybe it’s the number of customers or the lack of trained support engineers, shared hosting providers are notorious for providing support, particularly during emergencies. In contrast, VPS customers can count on dedicated support by experienced engineers who understand the intricacies of VPS servers. In case of optimized WordPress hosting, the customer service staff usually has several WordPress experts to answer app specific problems

While it appears that VPS hosting is the best thing a business website could hope for, there is a drawback that often negates all the benefits of VPS hosting – It uses a physical machine that limits the possibilities of what developers and businesses can achieve.

Enters Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the best in hosting solutions. It offers all the benefits of VPS hosting without the limitations of physical infrastructure. For the users, a cloud hosting solution offers near-unlimited resources, flexibility in scaling server capabilities when traffic spikes and better security than other hosting solutions.

When users opt for cloud hosting, they are tapping into a resource pool supported by a network of physical servers. However, for users, this physical layer is invisible and all they see is an abstracted server layer upon which they can set up their stack and then their website and stores.

Popular Cloud VPS hosting providers include DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Linode and Vultr. The list includes these and other reliable cloud hosting providers who offer a dependable home for business websites and ecommerce stores.

The good thing about cloud VPS hosting is the variety in costs and feature sets. In fact, there is a cloud VPS hosting package for every budget and the features set.

The problem with all this flexibility and power comes at a price – few users are qualified to handle their cloud servers themselves. Most of the users have to hire System Administrators and Cloud Engineers to set up and manage their cloud servers. This adds a significant business overhead for a business that increases the overall cost of doing business and eats away into business profits.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting To The Rescue!

If you wish to leverage the benefits of Cloud VPS hosting without the (huge) expense of setting up and managing these servers, your best bet is Managed Cloud VPS Hosting.

The word to watch for in this idea is MANAGED.

When you opt for a managed Cloud VPS hosting provider (Cloudways is a good bet!), you receive all the benefits of a cloud VPS server without the headaches of setting up and maintaining these servers. These vendors essentially take over the administration of your server and help you focus on business processes. In case of optimized WordPress hosting, you get a readymade WordPress hosting solution that operates without you noticing it’s even there!

The Cloudways Benefit

When you opt for Cloudways you get much more than the traditional managed cloud hosting. This is simply because Cloudways is not your average typical hosting provider. The platform is designed to provide exceptional service to a whole range of users from expert developers to ecommerce store owners who know little about managing cloud hosting solutions.

What Cloudways offers is the choice of five industry-leading IaaS providers including DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Linode, Vultr and Amazon Web Services. As a result, Cloudways has something for every budget. Once they have opted for a provider, they have the choice of hosting 10+ PHP powered applications (including three flavors of WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and Custom PHP apps).  

Since Cloudways is a managed hosting solution, it takes care of all server security-related issues. The cloud engineers regularly patch the Thunderstack (Cloudways custom hosting stack) with the latest versions as soon as they are released. In addition, platform level firewalls and IDS ensure ironclad security for your servers and applications. For secure applications, Cloudways offers FREE SSL certificates that can be easily set up in a few clicks. Finally, the backup process allows both on-demand and automatic local and offsite backup that allows swift recovery in case of a disaster.

Next comes the host of features that allow Cloudways users enjoy the benefits of managed cloud hosting. CloudwaysBot, the platform’s near-real-time information about the server and application health. Thanks to CloudwaysBot, the users can take immediate actions to ensure the smooth operation of their servers.

The entire Cloudways platform is built around 1-Click operations, with almost all operations accessible in just a few clicks. The design is so simple that even a novice with little exposure to managing cloud servers can easily manage most of the aspects of your server. Whether it’s adding Varnish cache to your server to upgrading the PHP version, almost every operation can be taken care of in a single click. To check how Cloudways add value to your business, check out the features of the Cloudways platform.

Wrapping It Up

Cloud VPS hosting solutions are the way to go if you are thinking of starting an online business. These solutions are built to provide maximum performance to the websites regardless of the load on the physical machine.

Even better, managed cloud VPS hosting solutions deliver the same level of exceptional performance without the hassle of managing the server maintenance and security. These solutions are the best choice for online stores and business websites that need to focus on growing the revenues rather than worrying about server performance.