SSD VPS Hosting

best ssd vpsSSD VPS Hosting or VPS with Solid State Drive are very popular now a days.  SSD VPS Hosting offers better performance and high reliability. This is because SSD drives are 20x faster than normal SATA drives. In past few months many popular hosting providers has moved from SATA drives to SSD’s. In almost similar cost you can now buy quality SSD VPS Hosting for your need. PCMAG, A popular magazine has described the difference between SSDs vs HDDs. In this article we’ll write about the 3 Top SSD VPS Hosting providers that offers quality SSD VPS Hosting at a very affordable price.

Top 3 SSD VPS Hosting Providers 2018

InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting ssd vps hostingInMotion Hosting is a well know web hosting provider. The host has been ranked as #1 web hosting provider by many popular hosting review websites. Recently InMotion Hosting moved to SSD’s and now all of their VPS Hosting plans are powered with SSD’s. The hosting company is known for it’s up-time and reliable web hosting services. We also list InMotion Hosting among Top VPS Hosting providers.

Inmotion Hosting offers 3 different SSD VPS Hosting plans to choose from. Their VPS Hosting plans are very affordable and rich in configuration. The basic plan comes with 4 GB RAM and cost only $29.99 per month. You get up to 3 IP address with SSD VPS hosting plans.

Inmotion Hosting gives you 90 days money back guarantee on their SSD VPS. You can host unlimited websites on your VPS. Backups are also taken within 24-36 hours to make you data secure.

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dreamhost ssd vps hostingIf you’re looking for a reliable, fast and scaleable SSD VPS, Dreamhost is an obvious choice. Dreamhost is around since past many years and known for their quality web hosting services. They proudly own 4,00,000 customers in 100+ countries. 1.5 million websites mostly WordPress blogs trust Dreamhost.

Dreamhost SSD VPS Hosting plans starts from $15 per month. The host gives you four scaling options and you can scale up to 8GB RAM. All of the SSD VPS packages comes with an option to chose IPV6. Dreamhost claims to offer 100% up-time guarantee on all their Virtual Private Hosting packages. Dreamhost offers their VPS Hosting on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system that can be managed with web based control panel that has been developed in-house by Dreamhost team.

All Dreamhost SSD VPS Hosting plans comes with unlimited bandwidth and allows you to host unlimited domain names in your account. You get 24/7/365 customer support via live chat, Twitter and email. Read Dreamhost VPS Review to know more about it.

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liquidweb ssd vps hostingLiquidWeb is a leader in managed web hosting services. LiquidWeb offers one of the best managed VPS hosting services in their segment. They’re premium and known for their outstanding customer support. You will find their pricing higher to the many other hosting providers but if you can afford the price, LiquidWeb is the for your VPS requirements. They offer VPS on SSDs. They claim to offer 100% up-time that is backed with a 30 minute response guarantee. They offer 24/7/365 access to customer support via chat, phone & email.

LiquidWeb offers are truly scalable and you can scale your VPS upto 512 GB RAM. Most of the VPS hosting providers only offers up to 8 GB RAM only.

LiquidWeb’s VPS Hosting plans starts from $50 per month. Companies like FedEx, Motorola, TheHomeDepot, Zappos trust LiquidWeb for their web hosting requirements.

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We hope you’ll find this article helpful and buy a SSD VPS from one of the Hosting provider mentioned above. All of the 3 SSD VPS Hosting providers are trusted and into the business since a long time. If you’ve any query before buying a SSD VPS, feel free to drop us a line using our contact us form.