Managed IT Service

What is a managed IT service?

Currently, we are living an era which it totally technology and driven and that’s why technology has become an integral part of each and every business. Along with choosing the best IT solution for your company, managing it properly is also very necessary and that’s where IT becomes tricky for most of the small and medium-sized business.

The IT department of any company is the most important part of its business function as most of the business solutions are totally dependent on the IT department and if your organization is facing challenges and difficulties in managing your IT department while maintaining the pace with the always evolving technology then Managed IT service will be the right move for your company as with this smart choice, you will be able to offload all your IT hassles on the third party and pay attention to tasks with higher value. But there are many people who still are not aware about the advantages of Managed IT service and that’s why they keep on wearing many hats and end up not succeeding in any one of them. Therefore, in this blog post, we will be taking a detailed look at Managed IT service, understand its benefits,  go through its procedure and know how it can fuel your business.

Managed IT service

A managed IT service is basically an Information technology service provided by a third-party contractor. So when a company outsources the management of its IT solution to a third party then it is known as Managed IT service. The IT services provided by the third party can range from basic service like keeping IT solution functional to advanced services like full IT team outsourcing. Nowadays, due to the increasing popularity and benefit of outsourcing some of the core department of an organization, most of the businesses now prefer to outsource even the management of their IT solutions and that’s why managed IT service sector is witnessing a drastic growth rate.

MSPs and SLA

The third-party contractors or service provider in the case of Managed IT services are known as MSPs which stands for Managed Service Providers and as explained above, they are responsible for managing either a portion of the IT department or the complete IT system. All the details of the service are clearly mentioned in the Service Level Agreement which is popularly known as SLA. The IT infrastructure in the case of Managed IT service is provided by the client and on the basis of SLA, the MSP may provide round the clock monitoring, management, reporting and much more.

The SLA is very much important in the managed IT service as it defines the boundary of service for both the client and the MSP.  The MSP charges a flat fee for the managed IT service provided for a specific period of time and the client can either withdraw or renew the service after the end of that time period.   Along with the boundary of the service, the SLA also defines parameters on which the quality of service will be analyzed.

Cloud computing has played a very important role in extending the reach of managed IT service as it helps in managing the breaks and fixes in the IT solution by adopting Software as a Service technology along with Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service.

Why businesses are moving the advanced managed IT services?

In this technology-driven era, businesses of all size and industry are totally dependent upon technology and any malfunction in the IT equipments can lead to disruption and can affect the continuity of the business. Nowadays, businesses need to be updated on the latest security patches, updates, backups and with so many tasks pending on the table, it is not easy to manage all those things. The increasing complexity of the business model also limits businesses from managing their IT solution efficiently and effectively. Because of all these reasons, most of the businesses are now moving to managed IT service and capitalizing on the well-managed and always updated IT solution of their firm.

The very advance, professional, effective and economical managed IT service makes sure that a business stays functional and protected in case of an unfortunate event. Any type of attack or disruption can hamper both the business and the clients. When security loopholes go undetected then both productivity and revenue of business are hindered and become a roadblock in the growth of the company. A good and reputed MSP will help you to stay away from every possible security risk by monitoring your IT solution and by reacting effectively when an issue or problem arises.

What are some common advantages of Managed IT service?

Managed IT service offers a bunch of benefits to business and we have tried to cover some of the most important advantages in this blog post.


One of the best incentives of partnering with an MSP for managed IT service is cost-saving. With the help of managed IT service, firms can easily reduce operational cost, minimize capital budget and lower down IT operating expenses. Most of the MSPs charge fee on a monthly or annual basis which allows the clients to check whether the managed IT service fits in their budget or not. You should know managed IT service will prove to be cost-effective in the long run and that’s why you should never expect to get instant result.

Focus on core business

Another great advantage of choosing managed IT service for your organization is that you are able to free yourself from the issues and management of your IT department and this allows you to focus on your core business or tasks which hold more value. Most of the business owners wear many hats and that’s what makes them less effective. In such situations, people are not able to give time to their core job and get involved in other business functions like IT management. With managed IT service, you can easily offload all your IT management hassle on the MSP and give more time to what is more important for your business.

Better vendor management

You should know that a managed IT service provider can also interface with vendors on behalf of the company making sure that any business issue is resolved quickly and in the best possible way. The MSP acts as a main point of contact for the third parties escalate issues to the right vendor and then monitor the entire process till its completion.


You will also get the unique advantage of scalability in the managed IT service and it is an important factor in a business solution. The modern day market keeps on changing and a business should be ready to tune its business solution according to the changing demand and needs. Managed IT services are very scalable and one can easily scale up or scale down the managed IT service according to the changing need and demands and maintain the supply-demand.

So, if you are running a business and finding it difficult to manage your IT department then you should surely go for the advanced managed IT service provided by world-class and popular MSPs.