What is an SMTP Service?

What is an SMTP Service? Why Do You Need One?

Sending an email can be an easy thing to do. Adding the recipient, writing the subject and the body and hitting send. Three steps to send an email from the sender to the recipient, anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. The process is simple for sending an email through a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP. However, there are several processes happening behind the scenes to ensure that your email is delivered successfully.

If you are running an email campaign, the one thing that you need the most is an SMTP service. Today, we are going to talk about what an SMTP server is and why do you need one.

What is an SMTP Server?

An SMTP server is an email server that handles outgoing messages from the source to the destination. The job of a mail relaying service is that when you compose an email and hit send, it will go through a set of instructions that the email goes through between different servers. An SMTP server is a highly specialized server that can process outbound emails.

What is an SMTP Relay?

An SMTP relay is the simplest method to send emails. After verifying your domain, you have to choose between a shared or a dedicated IP address. You need to add the:

  • Username
  • Password
  • SMTP Host Name
  • SMTP Port

Into your application’s configuration settings and then you are ready to send emails. You can have a regular or an SSL connection to add more security to your email depending on the type of port you use.

How Does an SMTP Server Work?

The SMTP server acts as a Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and is given to your email client when you first set it up. The SMTP server and the email client relay information of your email back and forth and checks the data of the email such as the sender, recipient, domains and other things. The one thing the SMTP server cannot check is the body of the email.

If your recipient has an email where the domain is directly connected to the SMTP server then the email is delivered instantly. If the domain is not directly connected to the SMTP server then the SMTP server will relay the message to an incoming server that is closer to the recipient. This process will repeat till the message is delivered to a server which is directly connected to the recipient’s domain. 

In case the recipient’s server is down or overloaded, then the server will keep the email in a backup server. If the backup server is unavailable, the SMTP server will keep it in a queue where the message will be continuously pinged until a successful delivery is accomplished. In the case of an undelivered mail, the sender will be given back the email and is notified of the unsuccessful delivery.

What is an SMTP Service?

If you are an individual who is sending a person-to-person or small scale SMTP server mail then you can opt for a free email provider like Gmail or Yahoo is the best choice for you. However, to send large scale personalized emails, a third party service SMTP is required to send bulk emails with security and good deliverability.

An SMTP service provider helps you reliably send emails to your users from your website. These servers are configured in a way that none of your emails land in the spam folder of your target audience.

Why Do You Need an SMTP Service Provider?

When you are ready with your email marketing campaign, the first thing that you need to go for is an SMTP service. However, how will you know if an SMTP mail service is the right choice or not?

Below are some points that you need to follow to know if an email SMTP service is the right choice for you. 

  • If you have a website or an application and are in need of a service or a plugin to send and receive mass emails on a daily basis.
  • If you are sending sensitive information through your emails and are worried about the security of the emails that are sent to your customers.
  • You don’t want your emails to end up in the spam folder because of sending mass emails and not be marked as a spammer.
  • You have to make your emails campaigns easier to handle and get rid of the problems of poor email management, IP reputation and poor deliverability rates.

Benefits of Using an SMTP Server Service

Dedicated IP Address: When sending out mass emails from a shared server such as Gmail or Yahoo can pose a problem. Your SMTP service will offer you a dedicated IP address so you can send mass emails without your IP being marked a spam. 

No Limits to Number of Emails: Your free email service provider won’t let you send a few thousand emails in a single day. By setting up your SMTP server with a third party online SMTP server.

Track Emails: You can track your emails to check how many emails ended up in the inbox and how many were read and unread and so on.

Great Deliverability: An SMTP email service works closely with ISP’s and email service providers, and they ensure that your email has good deliverability and always lands in the inbox.

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To Conclude

An email campaign can make your business grow in a short time and to make it easy and to make sure that your email campaign is successful and easy to set up, you can buy SMTP online such as Duocircle’s SMTP service and end up in the inbox every single time.