Interserver VPS Review

Interserver VPS ReviewFinally after using Interserver VPS for more than a year, we’re ready to share our experience with this Interserver VPS Review. In this Interserver VPS Review we’ll cover up all the aspects of Interserver VPS including Interserver VPS plans, features, upgrades, performance etc.

But before we jumped into the VPS review, let us tell you a brief about Interserver as an organization.

Interserver: Company Overview

Interserve is one of the earliest organizations in web hosting with more than 14 years of experience in serving all kinds of customers and application platforms.

Over the years, it has grown steadily to build one of the major mid-sized but reputed hosting companies that deliver consistent quality and consumers retaining platform for their services.

Like all other hosting companies, Interserver also provides hosting for shared, VPS and dedicated servers. It also provides reseller plans for upcoming small hosting companies.

With changing technology stack and increasing consumer demands, the organization has constantly innovated itself to build compelling stacks of reliable hardware that can compete with the best hosting companies out there. The servers are highly flexible in adapting to changing application requirements that can be further modified as per user demand.

Diverse plans for each user type and technology stack makes the organization highly flexible in choosing hardware configuration for nearly any kind of server software. Therefore, Interserver has remained a favorite of most of their past customers.

If you are looking for a high performance hosting company that allows you to modify and upgrade as per your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket, then Interserver should be your ideal choice.

Unlike most hosting companies, Interserver makes hosting a breeze with plans priced as low as shared hosting.  Let’s dive deeper to understand its numerous services and how you can benefit from them.

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Interserver VPS Plans

Interserver Os Options

VPS plans provided by Interserver comes in a range of stages that are ideal for small to large organizations alike. You can start with the lowest plan and keep upgrading as your application requirements grow over time.

Interserver offers VPS hosting plans with Windows & Linux OS flavors.

Interserver VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

  1. Its lowest VPS plan is priced at $6/month making it one of the cheapest plans in the market. It comes with a one core processor with 1024MB ram and allows up to 25GB storage and 1TB transfer.
  2. The next higher plan also comes with one 1 core processor 2048 MB ram 50 GB storage and 2TB transfer that allow organizations to expand in order to adapt their applications in a growing environment. It is priced at only $12/month for the Linux VPS and $20/month for the windows VPS.
  3. The third highest level is priced at $18/month and comes with 3072 MB ram 75 GB storage and 3TB of data transfer. It is also a one core processor ideal for organizations who require memory and storage along with data transfer to help organizations and their applications grow.
  4. The fourth level of virtual private server priced at $24/month comes with 4GB ram 100 GB storage and 4TB data transfer. All these four levels 1 core processors are meant for applications that are less resource intensive but require high scalability and improved data transfer along with higher storage

The two core processors are meant for more resource intensive applications that require much processing power along with data transfer and storage. Therefore, organizations that are already hosting the apps and have enough number of customers that servers would require higher processing power opt for 2 core processors with higher resources.

  1. The 5th level of virtual private server’s priced at $30/month come with 2 core processors along with 5 GB memory 125 GB storage and 5 TB data transfer. The 6th level plans priced at $36/month come with 6GB memory 150 GB storage and 6 TB of data transfer. The 7th level VPS server is priced at $42/month comes with 7 GB ram 175 GB storage and 7 TB of data transfer. The 8th level plan priced at $48/month comes with 8GB memory 200 GB storage and 8 TB of data transfer.
  2. The 9th to 12th level plans are 3 core processors required for much higher resource intensive applications. The 9th level plan priced at $54/month comes with 9GB memory 225GB storage and 9 TB of data transfer plans. The level 10 plan price at $60 per month comes with 10GB memory 250 GB storage and 10 TB of data transfer. The 11th level plan priced at $66/month comes with 11 GB memory 275 GB storage along with 11 TB of data transfer.  The 12th plan priced at $72/month comes with 12GB memory and 300 GB storage along with 12 TB of data transfer
  3. Level 13 to 14 VPS servers are 4 core processors that are ideal for advanced applications mainly used in large organizations and consumer centric apps which require much higher resources equal to dedicated servers. Priced at $78/month 13th level VPS servers come with 13GB memory along with 325GB storages and 13 TB of data transfer. The level 14 servers are priced at $84/month and therefore allow memory usage up to 14 GB and storage of 350 GB along with 14TB of data transfer.
  4. The level 15 servers are priced at $90/month of 250 GB of memory with 375 GB storage space and comes with data transfer up to 15GB.  The 16th level of servers are priced at $96month and come with 16GB memory along with 400GB storage space along with 16TB of data transfer.   These high power servers are ideal for replacements to dedicated servers and are preferable in case you do not require dedicated resources for your applications

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Interserver VPS Features and Upgrades Review

Over the last 14 years, Interserver has maintained a constant rating and growth in its services and features providing unique features in competition with other market players.

Although it is not investing in marketing and advertising, its numerous services and quality features have made it one of the most favorite web hosting companies in the world.

All its existing customers stick with the company because of the unique features and options to upgrade or downgrade anytime depending on their requirements.Moreover, the market demand for quality services allows company to control their hosting accounts as per their wish.

The numerous plans and features that are commonly included in shared hosting accounts along with the power and flexibility of virtual private servers, allow users to start small and grow at their own pace.

As their applications grow due to higher consumer demands, the applications consume more and more resources leading to resource constraints.  Accordingly, the users can upgrade their plans to the next higher level without burning a hole in their pocket.

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Some of the unique features provided by Interserver are high performance storage,instant data retrieval applications to retrieve and store data at much higher speeds as compared to normal HDD configurations.

Unique architecture of Interserver allows users to deploy their instances in less than 15 minutes.

All VPS plans comes with a unified control panel that makes it much easier to manage and control all aspects of the hosting account.

Each account also comes with one public IP address along with redundant storage ideal for most types of web applications.

Users can also choose their ideal operating system from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or Windows. Moreover, all the servers are raid protected in order to overcome disc failures.  Each plan also comes with a lot of templates for all kinds of operating systems.

Along with the above, the company also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with effective backup snapshots that can be retrieved whenever any unusual activity happens on the server.

It also has one of the best technical support teams that provides 24/7 support to all of its customers.  In case of upgrades and updates, the advanced server architectures updateitself along with kernel security upgrades without downtime.  This greatly improves server performance by increasing uptime rate while at the same time maintaining server uptime.

Upgrades are a necessary feature for any type of server, be it a shared, VPS or dedicated server. Therefore, the ability to upgrade an existing server or include features like additional IP’s control panels, Directadmin and other server software’s like Softaculous, Fantastico is highly essential to run stable applications.  Therefore, Interserver also provides features like additional IP’s for $1/month/IP, CPanel for $10/month, Directadmin for $8/month, Fantastico for $4/month and Ksplice for $3.95/month. For any other custom upgrades, you can contact the customer support and check the viability

Interserver VPS Performance and Reliability Review

Rhigh-performanceormance servers while maintaining constant upgrades at the same time and controlling multiple users on the same server is quite a challenge for any organization.

Without an efficient server architecture, it becomes quite impossible to maintain any kind of performance and reliability parameters.  However, Interserver with extensive experience in hosting excels in performance and reliability by providing exceptional hardware located in only two locations that is managed by dedicated personnel.

According to our initial tests, Interserver stood in comparison with Godaddy and Bluehost. This is quite of exceptional because Godaddy and Bluehost are among the most popular and most used VPS and dedicated servers in the world. Even though Interserver does not have as many customers, it maintains a constant performance rating in order to build customer trust while at the same time focusing on their primary services.

The guaranteed 99.9% server uptime along with 24/7 support allows customers from all over the world to fix their respective issues without any hassles.

Interserver VPS Features

Interserver VPS Page Speed and Server Uptime Review

Interserver architecture and configuration of the VPS servers is quite exceptional in the way that it allows any kind of modification to the base VPS configuration. Therefore, you can modify the base requirements to suit all your application dependencies while at the same time managing exceptional page speed and server up time.

In case you are hosting normal websites like WordPress or Joomla you can easily configure them along with Apache modules like mod_pagespeed in order to speed up your server configuration. This is highly beneficial as the limitless amount of possibilities in self-configuration can greatly help you customize the server as per your requirements.

Interserver’s exceptional customer support also helps you all along the way in case of any problems.  However, for any custom software that you install or configure on the server, you will have to manage and troubleshoot them yourself.  The customer support only provides support for already installed applications and server architecture.

Moreover, the flexibility to choose between more than 10 different types of operating systems along with their individual applications stack allows any developer or web administrator to create nearly any kind of server application stack on top of the servers.  This is quite beneficial as most applications require their own software stack and type of operating system in order to function and deliver exceptional performance.

Unfortunately, as Interserver does not provide any kind of money back guarantee it may be quite challenging for any new customer to take up their respective services.

However, most customers choose an Interserver plan they hardly ever get out of it.  This is quite the primary reason Interserver has been a constant competitor to small business web hosting companies. Its mix of quality support along with flexibility in choosing server architectures has made the company quite appealing to its customers.


If you are looking for a quality VPS hosting company that provides all kinds of VPS server configurations while at the same time does not involve itself in unnecessary marketing and advertising  to attract customers, but provides exceptional services based on the extensive experience for over 14 years in a web hosting industry competing head on with giants like Godaddy, Dreamhost and Arvixe then Interserver should be your choice.  However, if you are looking for discounts and trials that may not fare as well after a month or two then you should not use Interserver at all.

The ability to customize and modify or upgrade as per your application requirements within the flexibility to suit all your application requirements should be reason enough to run any kind of application on the servers.

As Interserver already provides low cost solutions for costly VPS plan provided by other organizations, it should not be a challenge for any customer to adopt the services and test it out for the short run.

In case you are doubtful of their services, you can buy their plan for a month and if you are satisfied you can go on and upgrade to a yearly plan. This would help you analyze and test their server viability before adopting their services for the long run.

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