How to Create a Website Without Coding?

Do you want to know how could you create your very own website with coding. It’s really simple and quick. You can build your website in few minutes! No coding skills required.


Use one of website builders, a cheap online applications which will guide you through the process of creating a site.

  • Advantages of using a website builder
  • no technical skills required
  • no graphical skills required
  • in most builders fully customizable templates – start with a template and edit it to fit your needs
  • no website hosting required – with a website builder you get anything you need to start a website (except a professional domain name in some cases)
  • easily connect your domain name to the website. Don’t you have a domain? No problem, you can quickly buy one 🙂
  • VERY easy to update websites
  • low prices – get your website for as low as the cost of a hosting
  • use your creativity to create a website of your own idea

List of website builders for you to choose

Below you will find a list of the best website builders. Each of them is described by few features to let you easily choose a builder that best fits your needs.


Wix logo Visit Wix website

For: artists! or for those who don’t like to be limited

Description: Wix, one of my favorite website builders, is an excellent tool to create even a professional website – the easy way. Beautiful templates and great editing tools make this app one of the best and the most comfortable website builders ever created. Make your website using one of the templates or start from scratch – Wix offers you almost unlimited possibilities. You can also upgrade your site using add-ons like Google Maps, Facebook Like it button, Like it box, contact form, online store, blog etc.

Pricing: from $4,08 to $19,90 monthly

Templates quality: 5/5

User-friendliness: 4,5/5

Templates flexibility: 5/5

Templates flexibility: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5


  • fully customizable templates
  • easy to use, drag&drop editor
  • pretty templates
  • predefined layouts for website pages
  • free images to use on your website
  • HTML5 animations
  • unlimited trial


  • no free subdomain, an ugly address instead (like

Additional functions:

Wix lets you add many (the most of all website builders?) additional functions to your website, i.a.:

  • Google Maps
  • blog, online store
  • image/video galleries (slideshows, carousel, slider, etc.)
  • few different contact forms
  • few different comments systems
  • few different online stores
  • many social plugins (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.)
  • calendar/events/scheduler app
  • weather forecast
  • member login
  • countdown clock, world clock
  • forums
  • etc

weebly logo

Visit Wix website

Description: Weebly is an easy to use but not very flexible website builder. What do I mean by flexible? For me, a flexible website builder is an application that lets you create a unique website design. It can be accomplished by offering fully editable templates. Weebly’s template editor is user-friendly but doesn’t allow us to edit any design element we want. But if you don’t need a super unique website, Weebly can be a great choice for you. It’s templates are modern and pretty, and an editor is really easy to use.And there is one more very helpful feature: the Site Planner, a simple step by step guide which “will help you think through your site and give you ideas and inspiration for how to use Weebly to bring your vision to live. It’s full of tips, examples and step-by-step video tutorials that will guide you through the process of creating a high-quality site that achieves your goals.”

Pricing: from $3,29 to $19,54 per month

Templates quality: 5/5

User friendliness: 5/5

Templates flexibility: 4/5

Functionality: 4/5


  • easy to use, drag&drop editor
  • preety templates
  • unlimited free account
  • free subdomain
  • few page layouts


  • not fully customizable templates

Additional functions:

  • create website, blog or an online store
  • image slider, gallery
  • Google Maps
  • social media plugins: LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook
  • swf (Flash) files
  • download file
  • embed audio/video
  • Google Asdense module
  • scheduling/booking module
  • a lot of beautiful pictures available
  • etc


Jimdo logo Visit Wix website


Description: I think Jimdo is the first website builder I’ve ever used. It seemed to me as a great app to build a website, but now I am of a bit different opinion. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad application, it’s just a bit poorer than others website builders, especially when we talk about templates. Yes, templates in Jimdo are something I’m not fond of. But still, there are examples of websites made in Jimdo that look good, so…

As I always say, the editor itself is so easy-to-use that it couldn’t be easier. Not many options, but to make a simple website it’s enough.

Pricing: from $90 or $240 per year ($7,5 or $20 per month)

Templates quality: 3/5

User friendliness of editor: 4,5/5

Templates flexibility: 3/5

Functionality: 3/5


  • easy to use, drag&drop editor
  • pretty templates
  • unlimited free account
  • free subdomain


  • not too pretty templates
    customizing templates is not intuitive

Additional functions:

  • blog/online store
  • download a file module
  • guestbook
  • HTML widget
  • photo gallery
  • forms
  • Google Maps
  • embed video
  • RSS
  • social plugins: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr
  • embed Flash


webs logo

Visit Wix website

Definition: Webs is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use website builder. It can be a really good choice for those of you who need a nice (pretty templates!), simple website and an intuitive editor. For me it has one disadvantage: Webs’ templates are not fully customizable. That’s the reason why you can’t make a fully unique website with Webs.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: an editor had some problems with proper work. It was quite annoying, but when I logged in again after two or three days, all the problems were gone. Everything seems to work fine now.

Pricing: from $3,75 to $16,50 per month

Templates quality: 4/5

User-friendliness of editor: 4,5/5

Templates flexibility: 2,5/5

Functionality: 3/5


  • easy to use, drag&drop editor
  • preety templates
  • unlimited free account
  • free subdomain


  • partially editable templates
  • some annoying editor mistakes

Additional functions:

  • photo galleries, slideshow
  • insert video, audio
  • contact form
  • Google maps
  • social widgets (Twitter: feed, follow; Facebook: comments, like box; share)
  • PayPal Buy Now, PayPal Donate
  • subscribe form
  • members area
  • custom HTML