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free ssl certificateThanks for visiting my website. Let me read your mind, why are you here? I can see you’re here for two things. One, you want to improve your website’s search engine ranking, and two, you want to secure your website and you are looking for a Free SSL certificate for your website. Am I correct? Yes, I can read minds  🙂

Joke apart.

Since Google has officially announced that they are now considering https as a ranking factor, more and more websites are going for an SSL certificate.

In fact, we have also implemented the SSL certificate very recently on our website.

SSLs are costly but the reality is most websites doesn’t need those costly SSL certificates. Web sites that process payments usually require extended validation certificates but a simple website or a blog can easily be secured with a Free SSL Certificate.

So if you’re an owner of a blog like ours or run a website that doesn’t accept online payments, you can go for a Free SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

If you’re new to SSL certificate and have heard about them very recently, let me tell you “what SSL certificates are” and “what they do?”

You might have noticed that some website’s URL starts with https:// instead of http:// and have a green padlock before the URL. These are the websites that have an SSL certificates installed on their servers.

An SSL certificate is used to create a secure encrypted connection between the server where your website is hosted and the browser that a visitor is using to access your website.

An SSL certificate ensures that the data which is being transferred between the two is secure.

Hackers may see the data which is being transferred between the browser of the visitor and the server if the website is not having an SSL certificate.

In the past online eCommerce websites used to have an SSL certificate but since Google is pushing webmasters to have an SSL certificate, things are getting changed and more and more websites are going for an SSL certificate.

Best Places Online to Get a Free SSL Certificate

Below are the 4 places where you can get a Free SSL certificate for your website.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is one of the most popular and trusted Free SSL Certificate provider in the world. This service is provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) for the public benefits.

You can get a Free digital certificate from Let’s Encrypt to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for your blogs or websites.

Installing an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt is pretty easy and anyone who owns a domain name can get an SSL certificate from this certificate authority.

Some web hosting providers like SiteGround, HawkHost, MDDHosting, WpEngine etc offers an SSL from Let’s Encrypt with their web hosting plans.


FreeSSL Free SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is a good SSL certificate authority but the only problem with them is, most web hosts doesn’t support their certificate on their servers. If your website is hosted with one of such host that doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, you can still get one from a website called FreeSSL.Com.

FreeSSL.Com is a project from Symantec and currently offers a free SSL to Non-Profits and Startups.

You can get a free Symantec SSL certificate for 1 website that supports green bar or a GeoTrust SSL certificate that can be used on 10 domains.

You can apply for a Free SSL Certificate through their website by filling up a simple form.


cloudflare free ssl certificate

If you’re on Cloudflare’s free plan, you can get a free shared SSL certificate from them. Cloudflare offers a shared SSL certificate to all of its customers.

An SSL certificate from Cloudflare is good for simple websites and blog.

When you signup with Cloudflare, they enable an SSL certificate by default in your account even if you’re using their free plan.

SSLForFree Free SSL Certificate is another website where you can get a Free SSL Certificate for your website.

As we mentioned earlier in this article that many hosts don’t support Let’s encrypt SSL certificate on their server by default. helps you get an SSL certificate issued from Let’s encrypt and install them on your website even if your host doesn’t support Let’s encrypt SSL by default. generate an SSL certificate using Let’s encrypt ACME server by using domain validation.


Let’s encrypted is the best free SSL certificate authority and one should always give it a priority over any other free SSL provider. Although it is not the only option available. There are few more places online where you can get an SSL certificate for free.

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