Bluehost vs. Godaddy vs. Hostgator

Thinking of building a website but can’t choose which provider is the best? Maybe our article will help you with that. Choosing between various web hosting companies may get pretty tough as you have to see all the factors like pricing of different plans, features offered, after sale service and much more. Today we are going to compare 3 top web hosting companies, they are Bluehost vs Godaddy vs Hostgator

bluehost vs godaddy vs hostgator

Every web hosting provider is different from each other in terms of their pricing, their bandwidth, customer support, disk space allowed, programming languages, website up time and performance, number of domains allowed on 1 ID. These all factors are to be considered well if you are thinking of building of your website because they greatly affect the look and performance of the website.

All of the above mentioned 3 web hosting companies are best in the world and hold some unique elements which make them different form each other. To stay over the top form each other, these 3 companies regularly update their equipment’s, VPN services and their plans.

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Plan Comparison- Pick The Right Plan

Godaddy has a range of 4 different plans to choose from “ Starter pack, Economy pack, deluxe pack and Ultimate pack. Godaddy host their web services on both the operating systems “ Linux and Windows. It means that you can host your website on GoDaddy hosting service irrelevant of its building platform. Its building platform can be php,, html or anything else, and it does not matter because GoDaddy support all these. The starter pack of this web hosting provider does not offer much features and is only for those who just want a simple website with limited tools.

Hostgator offers 3 plans for its users “ Hatching, Baby and business. Hatching is the starter pack for beginners and low budget business. This plan includes unlimited disk space, a shared SSL and also unlimited bandwidth. It does not give you any dedicated IP. Next plan is the Baby in which users get to host unlimited domain names, unlimited space, bandwidth and a shared SSL certificate. You can even get a dedicated IP of yours for a extra small charge.

Business plan is the most expensive one but also the most feature containing one too. It is best suited for websites which have high traffic and needs a lot of disk space and bandwidth. It comes with unlimited allowed domains, a dedicated IP, personal SSL certificate and also a toll free number.

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most reliable in the industry. It offers mainly 3 plans namely as Standard, Business and Pro.  Standard package is the starter one and it offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer and supports a single hosting domain. The second plan is the most popular one, it includes hosting of up to 3 domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited disk transfer, unlimited email accounts.

Pro plan is the most expensive and feature rich plan. You can host unlimited domains and get unlimited disk space, data transfer and infinite email accounts. These all plans are run on high performance servers and based on Linux platform.

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Performance- A deciding vector for your need

All of these 3 web hosting companies are great in performance, that’s why they are at the top. They offer great service and features to the users. Performance is the main issue when you are choosing a web hosting company. If the web hosting server is slow, then it automatically affects the performance of the website of the users. There are several parameters on which a website performance can be measured like loading time, page size of the website, requests handled etc.

Hostgator website performance grade is 75 out of 100. Its requests rate is 117 which the website handled in the November 1 and the loading time is roughly 916ms. Page size is nearly 529.5 kB which means that the webpage is more easy to load and can perform faster even on slow internet connections. Test results stated that this website is 91% faster than all of the tested websites.

Godaddy website performance grade is 84 out of 100 and the request rate handled by them is 72. The page size of website is 1 MB, that’s why it takes 1.69s to load the page. The size of the webpage is more than the Hostgator, that’s why it takes more time to load on slow internet connections. Test results stated that this website is 77% faster than all of the tested websites.

Bluehost website performance is similar to the Hostgator. Its webpage is also light weight and its servers are fast processing. The loading time of the webpage is under 1s which means it takes less time to load the page and even the slow connection users are able to access the website.

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When we talk about the usability, we mean the user interface and ease to use the website.  The Cpanel of websites matters the most in these webhosting services. The more clean look a website offers, the more easy to use it becomes. Once you purchase your hosting account, you are then redirected to website making tools for creating your website and managing it. In these tools, user interface matters the most and how much time it takes to load those pages.

Hostgator dashboard is quite colorful with a white background. It has simple colorful icons and is categorized properly according to their types. Godaddy website Cpanel follows a tech savvy look with conventional logos of each category. It has a clean and fresh look to its dashboard. Bluehost dashboard also follows a neat, clean look to its dashboard with a white background.

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The Final Verdict

All of these three web hosting providers are good in offering their features and provides great customer experience. All of these names are top leaders in the web hosting services and offers great services to the users. In comparison, no web hosting is the best as each web host has its unique features and offers different features. You can choose any of them according to yours usage but be sure to check all of the options before choosing.

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